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Watch: Beachgoers Capture Footage of Nearly 13-Foot Long Shark Dangerously Close to Shore

by Chris Haney
Photo by: Prisma Bildagentur/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Cape Cod beachgoers recently captured photos and video footage of a great white shark swimming dangerously close to shore. The video was taken at Race Point Beach in Provincetown, MA over the weekend and shows the enormous shark hovering just feet away from the shoreline.

Rhode Island residents Erin and Brad Kulis, and their friend Tamzen McKenzie, shared the photos and video they took of the huge shark Sunday morning.

The couple says they have kayaked and fished in the waters around Provincetown for years. Yet, this is the first time they have had such a close encounter with a great white shark.

Huge Shark Shocks Cape Cod Beachgoers

Brad Kulis and his friends were already kayaking in the water. Eventually, they noticed the shark’s dorsal fin gliding through the ocean near the shore. His wife McKenzie jumped up and started filming the scene from the edge of the water.

“I was probably only about 20 yards off shore in my kayak just for the first couple minutes. That’s when I looked over and one of my other friends — he had just jumped into his kayak just 10 feet off the beach — he didn’t even notice, but when I looked over there was a fin probably 2 feet from him,” Brad Kulis said.

“The picture that I took was when I waded in (the water) a little bit,” Erin Kulis said. Immediately after, the reporter interviewing the couple couldn’t hide her dismay that McKenzie entered the water to get closer to the large fish as she filmed.

The couple and their friends were surprised that the shark hung around as long as it did. The predator swam in the shallow waters for about 15 minutes before diving back into the depths of the ocean.

They said the shark was around 13 feet long, because it measured the full-length of the kayaks they were in.

Furthermore, seals were located on a nearby sandbar. However, the couple said the great white seemed to ignore them — even though it was likely circling while on the hunt for a meal.

Over the summer, Cape Cod seemed to be a hotbed for great white sightings with numerous cases confirmed.