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Watch: Bear Brutally Takes Down Deer in Suburban Family’s Backyard

by Jennifer Shea
Philippe Clement/Arterra/Universal Images Group / Getty Images

A Colorado family was appalled when a bear mauled a deer in their suburban backyard.

Video of the attack first appeared in 2015 but was posted again recently by Whiskey Riff. It shows a young bear climbing on top of an injured deer and sinking its teeth into the deer’s neck.

The bear had been scavenging in the suburban neighborhood, going through trash cans and looking for food, when it found the deer in the backyard.

You can watch the video here.

According to American Hunter, local law enforcement had to put the deer down. The bear escaped, albeit without its meal.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife reports that human-bear conflicts are increasing in frequency. When people leave trash at campsites, bears smell potential food and gravitate toward the area. They then become used to trawling heavily populated areas looking for food – as was the bear that found its way to the deer in that Colorado backyard.

Bear attacks in Colorado have been a problem this summer, with Colorado residents surviving multiple bear attacks in July alone.

A bear broke into an Aspen home in early July and swiped at the homeowner. The man suffered deep cuts to his head and neck. 

Soon after, a sow with two cubs in tow went after a woman who was walking down the street. The mama bear charged after the woman, knocked her down from behind and inflicted three long scratches down the woman’s back.

Both victims were treated at local hospitals and recovered.

And in May, a small bear jumped on the tent of a couple camping near Colorado Springs, Channel 9 reported. The bear had been rummaging around their campsite, probably looking for food, when it found their tent.