WATCH: Bear Cub High-Fives Motorist While Crossing Road

by Amy Myers

A sow and her two bear cubs brought traffic on a Romanian roadway to a halt when the trio decided to greet a few motorists during their journey. In a viral clip on TikTok, one particularly brave cub decided to walk up to one of the stopped cars with its paws extended. Sure enough, the curious bear high-fived the driver before rejoining the rest of the family.

A fellow motorist caught the bizarre yet adorable interaction on video. While waiting for the bears to cross the road, the driver recorded the bear cub as it bounced up on two legs just a few inches from the car door, mimicking the hand gesture of the person in the driver’s seat. After a couple of tries, the brown bear’s and person’s palms met. As if it knew that it had succeeded, the bear then calmly retreated.

All the while, the mama bear didn’t even seem too worried that her cub had wandered a little closer to another species.

Watch below.

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Not surprisingly, the bear family was an instant craze across TikTok.

“that’s paddington right there,” one watcher wrote, referring to the popular children’s stuffed bear.

Another gushed, “how does it feel to live my dream.”

“Good thing the mama bear wasn’t looking lol,” a third added.

Likely, the bear family continued on their way as if nothing happened. But for that motorist, it was a day they won’t soon forget.

Viewers Worry That Motorists Are Encouraging Bear Cub to Adopt Dangerous Behaviors

As cute as the interaction may be, several viewers pointed out that encouraging the bear cub to interact with people may later cause more dangerous behaviors.

We’ve seen it dozens of times at national parks within the U.S. Well-meaning people engage with wild animals, especially young ones, by either feeding them or petting them. While their hearts are in the right place, they inadvertently demonstrate to the impressionable animals that humans signify a sense of food and resources. Once adults, they’re no longer small and cuddly and can end up in a fatal situation for both species involved.

Some viewers of the recent Romanian video chastised drivers for interacting with the bear cubs, noting, “Teaching a bear to be comfortable approaching humans may make it approach and scare others who may kill it or put it down for ‘aggressive’ behavior.”

Another agreed, “They put their hand out first. I would of [sic] kept moving. People don’t get it. And I’m sure eventually it will be put down.”

Ultimately, the best way to support wildlife is to ignore them and allow them to exist without interference from humans. In this case, that means keeping windows and doors locked and waiting quietly as the bears pass by.