WATCH: Bear Cubs Captured on Video Tackling Flagstick on Golf Course in Adorable Clip

by Jon D. B.

If you live in the Appalachian regions, then chances are you’ve seen plenty of black bears. But have you seen three adorable bear cubs try to take down a golf course?

You will today! Courtesy of Asheville, North Carolina’s Erin James, ABC News 13 has footage showing exactly this. While on a local golf course, James spotted three little black bear cubs doing what they do best: roughhousing. It’s a ridiculously cute sight as the three siblings try their best to take down a flagpole.

One of the bear cubs seems of a particularly determined nature. They repeatedly tackle the flagpole as it bounces them back and forth, showing A.) The natural curiosity of our American black bears, and B.) This North Carolina golf course should be commended for their construction standards!

2021 – Cubs on the course! Three black bear cubs made their way onto a golf course and tried taking down a flagstick. (Credit: Erin James)

On the sidelines of the green, the overly-curious little fellow’s two siblings continually wrestle. The focus, however, remains on the bear cub who’ll stop at nothing to break the bendy-flag-thing. But no dice! It simply won’t give.

It’s an undeniably cute clip, for sure, but always remember that bears are wild, unpredictable, and potentially deadly animals. Especially where bear cubs are concerned – as momma bear is never far behind.

On this note, ABC 13 quotes North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission’s Ashley Hobbs with “Don’t feed them, don’t treat them as pets and let them be wild animals,” when it comes to black bears.

All sage advice that this wildlife technician seconds! Always keep your distance from bears. Never attempt interaction – no matter how cute they seem to us.

Where is Mom? Black Bear Cubs Play Unsupervised.

One of the first questions that may pop to mind for the footage above is: where is mom? Yet one of the largest misconceptions about black bear mothers is their defensiveness over their cubs.

We tend to think of all mother bears as, well, mama bears: fiercely over-protective, even ragefully so. While this is largely true, it is especially so for brown bears species. Unlike brown bears, however, black bears tend to waiver much more on the side of caution.

Browns, such as grizzlies and Kodiaks, will mow down any obstacle facing their offspring, nearly without fail. According to, 70% of killings by grizzly bears are mothers defending their cubs.

American black bears, though, are far more skittish. In contrast to this brown bear statistic, there are absolutely no confirmed records of a black bear killing a human in defense of their cubs. Instead, that’s a grizzly bear trait.

This does not make black bears any less dangerous, however. As their populations continue to rise throughout America, knowledge and vigilance are more important than ever. And yes – that includes dealing with sweet-faced bear cubs!