WATCH: Bear Cubs Break Into Gatlinburg SUV as Tourists Lose Their Minds

by Jon D. B.

Apparently “bears have comedic timing,” something these rowdy black bear cubs prove whilst carjacking an SUV in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

All East Tennesseans have a black bear story. It’s a right of passage for us Appalachian folk. If you live anywhere near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, that “story” is more likely one of dozens, too. Which takes us directly to one of the most viral videos on TikTok right now.

“They smell something in your car, bro,” a voice says in the background of the footage. He didn’t know it at the time, but Levi Kim’s video was about to go majorly viral. As of this article, his TikTok has over 13 million views, 2.1 million likes, and tens of thousands of shares.

Once you see the footage for yourself it’s easy to see why. The escapade begins with a young black bear standing on top of an equally black SUV in Gatlinburg before it leaps to the ground. Then things escalate quickly.

“Your window is open, Mark!” someone shouts. “Oh no!” another voice cries out; presumably Mark’s.

“I should have got bear insurance,” another young voice adds. And before long, two bear cubs are crawling inside the vehicle through an open window. It’s as priceless as it sounds, especially with the raucous commentary:

According to this group of Smokies-visiting gents, this is a “classic Mark Ryan moment,” too. Poor Mark. He’s definitely going to need some upholstery work done.

Black Bears

Levi Kim would go on to post several more videos of the cubs’ escapades. Eventually, the two weans made their way out of the SUV and back into the woods. But not before giving these gents a wild set of stories to tell back home.

Wherever that home is, however, we’re betting it isn’t in the Smoky Mountains. If you live in black bear country, the last thing you ever do is leave your windows open. And if there’s food left in your vehicle? All bets are off.

Bears can smell food inside a wrapper inside a container inside a vehicle (seriously) from a wild distance. They’ll do just about anything to get to it, too, including figuring out how to open car door handles.

As for these particular mischievous black bears, Kim tells Newsweek he and his friends would spot multiple bears in their trip to Smoky Mountains National Park.

“The mother and cubs seen in the videos were the only ones that visited us during our stay,” he begins. But he’s still shocked his video went viral. So are his friends.

“I honestly just wanted to share a special moment between my friends and I,” Kim continues. “We thought it was hilarious and are so happy the rest of the world loved it just as much.”