Watch This Bear Do a Handstand To Reach for Spawned Salmon

by Jon D. B.

If you’ve never seen stubby bear legs wiggle above the water into a handstand to retrieve salmon – you’re going to wanna watch this.

What’s a bear gotta do to get some spawned salmon around here? In this young brown bear’s case – it’s a handstand.

The National Park Service shares the heartwarming video today via their web brand, In their tweet, NPS asks “is this a good way to catch spawned salmon? We honestly don’t know.”

From there, the bear takes a dive into the shallow waters, and it’s bottoms up. While this may not seem like a “must watch”… you haven’t seen his tiny legs wiggle yet. Have you?

Brown bear handstand-wiggles his way to salmon

While bears can be terrifying, it is hard to discount their overall adorableness when they’re just being themselves. This fellow wanted to taste some salmon, and he’s willing to perform some pretty adorably exceptional tricks to retrieve them.

Watching those short, stubby legs and big-ol hind paws struggle for balance in empty air is priceless. If only we could see what the business end is up to beneath the water.

LatchKeyAdult on twitter agrees, and says what everyone’s thinking in response to the shortness of the clip – and’s quippy quote. “The reason we honestly don’t know is because the clip ends too soon!” he says.

The clip itself, however, could’ve gone “on for hours,” NPS says. They do, at least, clarify that the bear and his handstand did result in catching salmon. Thank the bear gods we didn’t all just waste our time!

In truth, little clips like this spread much-needed joy in a tumultuous year full of pandemic and political doom & gloom. And we, for one, will have this on repeat for the rest of the day.

Keep being you, adorable bear.