WATCH: Bear Jumps Out of Dumpster Before Fleeing into Woods in California

by Jonathan Howard

Close encounters with bears are no fun, at least for the ones having the encounter. A man in California was almost tackled by a fleeing bear after it was forced to jump out of a dumpster. A nearby dog helped to chase the bear off, or made things worse, that’s all up for conjecture. However, it seems that the bear made its way to the woods where it belongs.

Situations with wildlife can be escalated in a hurry. While pets such as dogs try to do their best to help in these situations, there are few times when they actually do. Most of the time a dog or other animal can cause wildlife to react. The video is pretty wild. With one man opening the dumpster with a tractor and others standing by, it looks like a scene waiting to go wrong. Or perhaps a setup to a Jeff Foxworthy joke.

As one man comes around the corner of the building, he almost runs right into the retreating beast. It seemed to be scared for its life, and that can be a good or a bad thing. Luckily, the bear’s flight response kicked in when faced with that tractor, and not his fight response. That dog probably felt like the king of the world, thinking she had scared off the threat all by herself, I’m sure.

Living in bear country is tough. They are smart, big, and always hungry. Bears tear through cars and sometimes into homes. They do not mess around when going after food. A bear will adapt and find a way, you can trust that.

Bears Breaking into Homes

One of the biggest risks in California communities with bears, home break-ins. With wildfires across the west, there are some residents returning to their homes. Unfortunately, bears have gotten used to the locals being gone. Now, those bears are breaking into homes. That is a concern for residents who are attempting to get their lives back on track.

These wildfires have caused a lot of issues. Not only have they run far too many people from their homes, but countless wildlife has been affected as well. These fires spread quickly and can take over entire areas within hours or even minutes. Put displaced wildlife on top of that and homes are in danger of quite a bit of damage.

For those in the Lake Tahoe area, bears are part of everyday life. While residents make their way around town, anywhere from 30-50 bears live in city limits. That can cause a lot of unwanted encounters to happen. The best thing to do is lock doors on the car, the house, and the windows. Keeping things secured such as food and waste will also help prevent a bear from wandering into your personal space.