WATCH: Bear Takes Stroll Around Abandoned California House and Makes Himself at Home

by Courtney Blackann

After a California man evacuated his home due to the Caldor Fire, a rowdy visitor decided to freeload on his property for a bit. While it wasn’t another person snooping around looking for a quick grab, the surprise guest was still quite intrusive. A brown bear was caught on security footage rifling through the man’s backyard.

Michael Doyle noticed an alert on his home’s security devices, according to The Hill. He thought it was rather odd and checked the footage right away. What he got was a hilarious surprise. A brown bear is seen entering the homeowner’s backyard and toying with a few potted plants.

The bear then decides he’s gonna get a little more curious. The video shows the small bear moving closer to the home and discovering a spiral staircase, which must have looked like a fun obstacle. The bear climbs the staircase up to the second level.

There, another security camera catches him playing with a rain barrel. The bear casually spins it and peeks into the windows – checking to see if anyone’s home. While it’s unclear if the bear ever entered the home, the animal eventually decides he’s had enough and climbs back down the staircase. He lingers just a little while in the backyard before scampering off back into the woods.

“It’s definitely time for us to go home!” Doyle said.

Bear Danger After Returning to Evacuated Homes

Doyle isn’t the only Californian to witness a bear-break-in. Officials in the region warned homeowners to be cautious when returning home due to curious bears.

“The delicate balance between humans and bears has been upset,” Sgt Simon Brown of the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office told reporters, per the Associated Press.

Wanting to escape the fire and smoke plaguing the region, bears have grown quite bold and moved closer to residential areas.

Additionally, their destroyed habitats have pushed them from the area while they search for food. This could prove to be dangerous for residents coming back to their homes.

Authorities care cautioning homeowners to be on the lookout when they do make their return. This includes surveying the home for recent activity before entering.

“When you come home and if you find that it looks like a window’s open or door’s open and something has accessed into your house, don’t rush in and definitely don’t block that spot,” said Tahoe expert Toogee Sielsch.

The wildfires in California this summer uprooted many animals as well as people. The animals are just trying to search for their basic needs, officials said.

In any case, being faced with wild animals should cause concern for anyone sharing a space with them. Residents are warned to keep food inside, clean up trash and other equipment sufficiently.