WATCH: Bears Steal Halloween Pumpkin, Then Battle Each Other to Eat It

by Shelby Scott

Halloween is right around the corner and as the spooky holiday draws nigh, Outsiders aren’t the only ones relishing in the fall-fun activities. While earlier last month, a deer found itself in a bind after getting its head stuck in a jack-o-lantern, a couple of bears found themselves in a spit over some tasty Halloween pumpkins.

On Tuesday morning, a Westfield, Massachusetts resident witnessed two bears fighting over a couple of pumpkins in their yard. The resident then sent the humorous clip into their local news station, WWLP at 22 News. Check it out.

The clip begins as the two black bears face off, one trying to eat and the other trying to roll it out from under his companion. They then lunge at each other lazily, much like dogs playing or fighting over a toy. Suddenly, they race off to a nearby tree, standing on hind legs on opposite sides of the trunk. It almost appears as though the bears were making an attempt to fake the other out.

Soon enough, one bear returns to his feast, lazily lying down beside the pumpkin. The other lumbers nearby, disappointed and in search of another snack. While he does wind up locating a second pumpkin, it appears it’s not nearly as tasty as the first as he paws at it, bites it, and leaves it alone.

Hopefully, our furry friend was able to locate another pumpkin just as good as, if not better than, the first.

Fat Bear Week Champ Puts Pumpkin Eaters to Shame

Black bears are infamous for their scavenging habits throughout the U.S., and while many find them to be a pest, Outsiders relish in the animals’ sightings, their unique personalities remaining at the forefront of each black bear encounter.

However, much farther north Katmai National Park recently wrapped up its annual Fat Bear Week celebrations. And, for the fourth year in a row, the park’s beloved senior brown bear, Otis (480), remained reigning champ.

The large brown bear has established himself as a noteworthy contender during each year’s competition. First identified in 2001, the beast ages between 24 and 26 years old, rather elderly as most bears expire by the age of 30. Additionally, as newer contenders enter the picture, amassing this amount of weight will only get harder for Otis. However, for now, he remains his classically patient self, waiting his turn to edge in on the salmon run, stake out a good spot, and sit along the river’s buffet.

Quite rapidly, Otis and the rest of the park’s bears gain an incredible amount of weight prior to each year’s celebration, not to mention hibernation. The seemingly ridiculous stores of fat help the animals survive long, harsh winters.

So while our region’s black bears pick through squishy pumpkins as Halloween nears, our Alaskan brown bears have already gorged themselves ahead of the coming winter.