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WATCH: Beaver Takes a Stroll Through Downtown St. Paul, Minnesota

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by PABLO COZZAGLIO / AFP) (Photo by PABLO COZZAGLIO/AFP via Getty Images)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The time of year for folks in St. Paul, Minnesota, in fact, to stumble onto a beaver making his way downtown on the sidewalk. Indeed, that is exactly what happened this week when someone caught a beaver on camera taking a leisurely stroll through downtown St. Paul.

Beaver in St Paul Minnesota

As you can see in the video, the beaver is minding its own business. Nobody knows where it might be going, but it clearly has places to be. One fan wrote on Twitter in response to the video, “Just a beaver walking through Saint Paul nothing to see here wonder if they know the beaver we saw on the bike path last summer.”

Beavers Causing Problems in Rhode Island

Beavers are interesting little animals, wouldn’t you say? While you might rarely see beavers roaming the streets in your metropolis, for folks in the suburbs you might have a different experience with beavers. For instance, in the town of Cumberland, beavers are creating a big problem for the community. As cute as they are, they can be quite a nuisance for a community from time to time.

Beavers in this town love to make dams. They make a lot of them, so much so that they are so committed that it is causing potential problems for nearby roads and properties. The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management has been called to fix the situation. Whenever folks clear the dam that the beavers created, by the next morning a third of the dam is already rebuilt. They are committed to building those dams in those areas. “We can’t kill them,” Highway Supt. Dennis Vadenais said to The Valley Breeze. Over the years, beavers in the area have become more and more committed to making this happen.

What Are The Solutions?

With the dams and more and more beavers popping up, flooding has become an issue for the community. The inability to get the beavers under control has resulted in more and more areas and properties dealing with flooding problems. While building dams help keep the streams wet and the habitat strong, it sometimes has an adverse effect on other areas of concern like nearby properties.

It is a complicated situation for this town. They cannot kill the beavers. Also, when they get the machinery necessary to take care of the beavers’ dam, the beavers work through the night to rebuild what was torn down the previous day. It is seemingly a never-ending cycle for those who are trying to get the whole situation under control.

Only time will tell how it will all unfold, but it is certainly an interesting battle between this community and the local beaver population.