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Watch: 440-Pound Bear Bodyslams Trainer After He ‘Stopped It From Eating Treats’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: Per-Anders Pettersson/Getty Images)

The bear attacked his trainer within a cage after the man stopped him from eating treats.

If you require further proof that bears belong in the great outdoors – and never captivity – here we have it.

Startling footage released today shows a black bear pinning down and biting his handler during a circus show. According to Daily Mail Online, a boy can be seen throwing a piece of sausage into the caged ring. The bear goes after the “treat”, but his trainer denies him of it as they are “in the middle of an act”. The bear’s wild instincts kick in, and he attacks ferociously over the food.

The situation is equally tragic for this bear, if not more-so. In places like China (where the footage originates) and Russia, bears are kept in captivity from birth and forced to perform in circus acts. It is fortunate for the animal trainer that he survives the attack. The reason for his survival, however, is far more concerning.

Watch: 440 lb black bear attacks trainer

The bear’s teeth have been sawed off to prevent it from harming humans, according to Chinese media. What’s worse, this was done to the bear as a cub.

Daily Mail points out that the trainer first attacks the bear. After scorning the animal for attempting to eat meat thrown on stage, the bear turns on his handler. With a swift bodyslam and fierce hold, he overpowers the man in no time.

Similar circus bear attack filmed in Russia:

Sadly, this is not the first incident of its kind. Several bears have been filmed attacking their trainers within circuses. The bears, forced to perform and live in cages since birth, often turn violent on instinct. Wild animals will never fully adjust to captivity, and can be wholly unpredictable – even if “trained”.

Be warned, the following footage is far more intense than the prior:

The black bear in the China incident is most likely an Asian black bear, which is a species on the brink of extinction.

Hopefully countries like China will put an end to these shows and release these bears back into the wild.

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