WATCH: Black Bear Peruses a Grocery Story in Los Angeles

by Megan Molseed

A Los Angeles grocery store had an unusual shopper this weekend when a black bear was caught on camera doing a little…grocery shopping?

On Saturday, August 7, a black bear was caught on camera while perusing the aisles in a Porter Ranch California grocery store.

This sighting was a harrowing experience for many of the shoppers at the Ralph’s Grocery Store. However, some customers did not find the experience to be too un-bear-able as they pulled out their cellphones to get footage of the unique sight.

The video depicts the visiting animal as it visits Ralph’s grocery store.

We Wonder If He Could “Bear” the Prices?

The video of the bear’s run to the grocery store shows the animal sauntering through aisles at the local establishment. Sure, the bear isn’t likely to be checking prices and comparing sales. For a little while there, however, it does seem at home in the store!

The now-viral cell phone video catches the bear as it walks around shelves of wine bottles and cheese displays. Maybe he was looking for some fresh fish? Some honey? Or maybe he was looking to add on to a “pic-in-ic” basket? I guess we’ll never know. Eventually, the fuzzy shopper decides to leave the story while empty-handed in the end.

According to a CBS LA news report, some area residents even attempted to pet and feed the bear during its unexpected visit into town. The grocery store wasn’t the bear’s only stop during its day in town. The woodland creature was also spotted in alley-ways and near other businesses before authorities were able to respond to calls.

“I thought it was amazing,” said Porter Ranch neighborhood council member, David Balen of the unusual event.

“I’m glad that nobody came in contact with the bear,” Balen continued. “Anything can happen.”

Safely Sent Back To the Forest

After the bear spent some time in the local California grocery store, the animal ran out of the Ralph’s automatic doors.

It took some time for authorities to track the animal down after it exited the store.

By the time authorities were able to respond to the call, the bear had found a trailer to hide under. After many attempts of drawing the furry visitor out from its hiding spot, authorities eventually tranquilized the 120-pound animal. The black bear was then transferred to a safe area. The bear was eventually released in the Angeles National Forest. This is an area the authorities like California Department of Fish and Wildlife lieutenant, Jake Coombs say is a suitable habitat for the black bear.

“It was decided that the best route for not only public safety but also for the bear itself was to chemically immobilize the animal, which we were successful in doing,” explained Lt. Jake Coombs. The transfer went smoothly and no injuries were reported in the event, according to reports.