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WATCH: Black Bear Relaxes in Tennessee Hot Tub

by Emily Morgan
(Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

Apparently, black bears need some R&R just like the rest of us. That’s exactly what happened when a Georgia man, Todd Trebony, watched as a black bear casually climbed into his hot tub.

Last week, Trebony’s morning went from ordinary to wild when he got to see something utterly bewildering. While visiting the Great Smoky Mountains, Trebony was residing at a rental cabin in Gatlinburg, TN. While sipping coffee one morning, he watched in amazement as a local black bear joined him on the back porch of the house. Things got even crazier when the young bear decided to take a dip in the hot tub.

After running inside the cabin, the Georgia native filmed the entire sequence of events, which he then uploaded onto Facebook. Users can see the bear walking along the porch in the video before sliding into the cabin’s steaming hot tub. “I was out on the porch drinking my coffee, and this happened!” he wrote alongside the viral video.

“It’s getting warm. It’s just having a blast,” an unbelieving Trebony was heard telling his wife. “There’s a black bear—a wild black bear—in the jacuzzi getting warm. Unbelievable.”

Baffled Man Watches as Black Bear Casually Climbs Into Hot Tub

After a few moments, Trebony carefully opens the door. Unbothered, the bear looks at him while he continues to enjoy the hot tub. “Just having a blast,” he says again while the bear is clearly having a great time.

‘I’m glad I wasn’t in the jacuzzi. There’s a wild black bear in the jacuzzi getting warm. Unbelievable.’

After a few minutes, Trebony opens the glass door and steps outside as the bear swims to the other side of the tub, which startles the onlooker. Trebony later explains that the visitor had been ‘playing’ with another bear nearby the cabin before abandoning his pal in search of a good soak.

The clip ends with the bear continuing to relax the jacuzzi, making it look like he has no intention of leaving. Trebony steps back inside the cabin to remain out of harm’s way. According to the US National Parks Service, nearly 1,500 wild bears call the Great Smoky Mountains National Park home.

However, this isn’t the first time a bear has been spotted engaging in some self-care activities. In October of 2019, a family visiting the national park watched in amazement as a fellow black bear pulled the cover off their cabin’s jacuzzi and proceeded to climb inside the tub.