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Watch: Black Bear Shocks Visitors While Grabbing Snack at Tennessee Theme Park

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: mlorenzphotography/ Getty Images)

A curious black bear heard about the opening of Anakeesta’s Black Bear Village, a theme park in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and decided to make a guest appearance. 

On Tuesday night, dinner guests at Smokehouse restaurant were surprised to see a real black bear. In a video of the incident, taken by Tyler Crawford , you see the hungry black bear digging through the trash, as bystanders try to scare it away. 


One brave man tries clapping and yelling at the bear to scare it away, but it instead charges at him. The man moved before he was harmed.

“Can someone get this thing out of here? Can someone make this thing leave?” one scared bystander asks. 

Another woman approaches the bear yelling, “let’s go!” but again, the bear charges at a man nearby who narrowly escapes the bear. 

The terrified bear then tried to get his meal to go by picking up the trash can, but a man on park staff starts yelling at the bear. The wild animal decides that he has had enough and takes off running down the stairs. The man follows to make sure the bear wouldn’t change its mind. 

Facebook’s Reaction of Hungry Black Bear

Crawford captioned the minute-long Facebook video, “Unexpected visitor while eating at anakeesta tonight. Also, I don’t believe he liked the way his food was prepared as he ran back down to the kitchen to complain.”

The post has gone viral with 2,600 likes, 628 comments, and over 16,000 shares. 

In addition, most commenters feel bad for the hungry bear. One woman from North Carolina said, “Awww, makes me sad. I mean, I love bears, but it’s sad to see their “homes” invaded by all the building and development.” 

Another woman from Knoxville wrote, “Poor thing he just wanted something to eat. Garbage cans are easy pickings. That bear will keep coming around until they invest in bear-proof trash cans. Unfortunately, if this continues, the blame will be put on the bear as a nuisance. It saddens me when I think about its future.”

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