WATCH: Bloodthirsty Monkey Batters Seagull To Death in Wild Video

by Caitlin Berard

Nature is a beautiful, wondrous thing. However, it’s always important to remember that wildlife is exactly that – wild. And the laws of the jungle don’t often follow the laws of humankind. During a recent trip to the Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England, a family was reminded of this fact when they witnessed a gruesome event. A monkey snatched a seagull out of mid-air…then killed and ate it.

And, of course, if there’s no accompanying social media post, did it really happen? The young family posted their experience to TikTok in a video that amassed more than 2 million views in just a few days.

In an interview with Kennedy News, the family recalled the experience. “It was like watching the real King Kong,” says 32-year-old Bec Adamson, who was visiting the zoo with her then-partner and five-year-old son. “We’d just been to see the rhinos, so we were walking across. I saw all these seagulls circling and then this monkey caught one as it was flying past.”

At first, Adamson wasn’t horrified by the sight. On the contrary, she remembers thinking the monkey was “really clever.” The scene then took a turn for the worse, however, at which point Adamson began filming.

Details of the Monkey/Seagull Killing (Warning: Graphic Content)

“I told Jamie [her partner] and Dominik [her son] looked too, so I started filming,” Adamson says. “When I zoomed in, I could see he was battering the f–k out of this seagull. I couldn’t believe I was catching it on video.”

Sure enough, the 45-second clip shows a capuchin monkey balanced on top of a 20-foot pole. In its grasp is a large seagull, which is slams against the pole repeatedly as onlookers watch in horror. At one point, the monkey, native to the jungles of Central and South America, appears to lick its fingers. “I noticed he was licking his fingers,” says Bec Adamson. “He was really enjoying his meal.”

After dropping the seagull to the ground to savor the taste on his hands, the monkey climbed down the pole. Once on the ground, he ripped out the seagull’s “insides” and dragged them back to his cage to eat.

If you find Bec Adamson’s nonchalant reaction to the brutal killing odd, you’re not going to believe what her five-year-old son had to say. “Dominik asked if David Attenborough was watching as well because we watch this sort of thing at home,” says Adamson, the boy’s mother. “He just thought it was amazing because he thought they were fighting.”

Realizing that this was a strange reaction for a young child to have, she adds, “It could have scarred him for life. If I was his age, I’d have been terrified. I think I’m raising a psychopath.”