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WATCH: Rabid Bobcat Attacks Woman, Then Gets Flung by Her Husband in Insane Viral Video

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Michael Macor/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

In one of the most wild (pun intended) viral videos of 2021, this screeching bobcat aggressively attacks a suburban couple as they start their day outside their garage. This one has to be seen – and heard – to be believed.

“This was a wild 46 seconds,” captions Sada via Twitter Thursday. There is no more apt description. This family’s home security camera footage starts off as calm and neighborly as any suburbanite’s dream morning (I’m assuming). The husband, front and center, waves to a jogging neighbor with a warm “good morning!”

“I need to wash my car,” husband says to wife calmly.

Seconds later, however, things take a turn literally no one was expecting. Like the shrill cry of a banshee, a horrifying, unmistakably feline screech immediately breaks the peace. As his wife enters the frame, her shrieks rival that of her assailant as a bobcat is seen viciously attacking her backside.

“Oh my god! Run, Happy, Run!” she screams as the bobcat pounces, repeatedly slashing at her. The woman is toting a pet carrier, which any rational human being (including this author and wildlife technician) would assume is not for this bobcat.

Then, “Happy,” her husband, become a true hero of very unhappy proportions. Without hesitation, he runs to his wife’s defense, literally picking the bobcat up and off of her as it continues to his and claw at his person. It is an unreal watch:

Rabid? Bobcat’s Unusual, Aggressive Attack Garners Over 1 Million Views

“Oh my God it’s a bobcat!” Happy screams into the face of their attacker. Several more horrific sounds escape the wildcat’s mouth before he throws it like a ragdoll onto their perfectly-manicured lawn.

As the bobcat is chased off-frame, Happy exclaims he’s going to “shoot that f*cker!”

Not very happy of you, Happy, but an appropriate response to a wildly dangerous, unusual, and unfortunate situation. As a wildlife tech who’s watched a rabid fox gnaw straight through a crate, there’s a hefty chance this bobcat has/had rabies. Few other diagnoses fit this bill – and what a bill it is.

A bit of digging reveals that the bobcat was, in fact, rabid. The videos were originally posted to TikTok under an account presumably of their family’s origin, keithmgeaux. There’s no way to be certain, however, as the social media platform continues to remove the videos over reports of “violence.”

Further, a user on Twitter @nanirichess, provided an update on the folks in the video.

“@Evi3Zamora The guy TikTok page got taken down cause of the video but, happy and his wife is okay they got they’re rabies shots and happy ended up killing the bobcat. If anyone wanted an update!!”

In his latest update, however, Happy (or Keith? If that is your real name…) confirms of his own account that the bobcat was, in fact, rabid – and that he did, indeed, “shoot that f*cker.”

Bobcats are a reclusive species, and are only around humans on extreme occasions. They’re also nocturnal, making this cat’s broad-daylight attack beyond unusual. Until the rabies is factored in, of course.

What a wild 46 seconds.