WATCH: Bodycam Footage Shows Georgia Police Rescue Terrified Deer Entangled in Rope

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Andrew Wevers/PGA TOUR via Getty Images)

Sometimes even your friendly neighborhood deer needs your help. Thankfully, a deer in Georgia was rescued after a police officer was able to free the deer from some netting. It was a terrifying situation for the deer, but thanks to the released bodycam footage from the officer, folks were able to see how the police officer was able to free the scared deer from a scary situation.

Georgia Police Offers Free Terrified Deer

In the video, you see the officer holding the deer and trying to keep it calm as his fellow officer tries to free the deer from the netting. “Here we go, here we go” the first officer is heard saying. To do that, his fellow officer makes some cuts to the netting and the second officer says, “Now you can breathe, now you can breathe.”

The whole ordeal only takes about a minute of time. After cutting through the netting the officers are able to free the helpless deer from the scary situation. The deer is then seen galloping away back to the woods where he belongs.

Another Deer Saving Moment from Police Officers

You never know what you are going to see while out and about in the great outdoors. For instance, with it getting warmer again, you might see more and more deer out in the open. The weather is changing and bears are leaving hibernation. Animals are venturing back out into the open. Some of those animals include deer. Well, like the story above, an Indiana police officer helped out a deer that found itself in a similar predicament.

It happened on St. Patrick’s Day. Indeed, you won’t read about this every day. No, a deer somehow found itself trapped in an empty backyard pool. He or she was all by their lonesome. The South Bend Police Department said, “St. Patrick’s Day started out fairly unlucky for one deer in South Bend after it found its way into an empty backyard pool, but couldn’t get back out.” It knew how to get in, it just did not know how to get out.

The Department added, “The officers, along with Animal Control, first attempted to lure the deer to the pool steps, so it could walk out on its own.” That did not work, though. The deer would not follow through on a variety of tactics by the officers to get the deer out safely. They continued, “They tried various tactics. However, the animal became frightened and jumped back into the pool, just as it had a chance to escape.”

The way they finally got it out? Yes, they had to simply pick up the deer with their two arms and escort it out from the pool themselves.