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Watch: Bow Hunter Catches Close Encounter With Bear on Video

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: Philippe Clement/Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Footage of the close encounter shows the black bear approaching the tree where the young man is nervously stationed.

Bow hunter Toby White, 24, has captured the striking moment a large black bear decided to pay him a visit. Posting up in McCormick Co, South Carolina, the young hunter came in search of Deer – but saw far more than he bargained for.

According to Fox Carolina News, White was bow hunting from a tree when his phone began to ring. “Look. I don’t call when I’m hunting but there’s a bear coming straight to you,” a friend began telling Toby. Sure enough – moments later – the black bear approaches. Coming straight for his tree, the bear takes a look up at Toby – decides he isn’t a meal or threat – and continues on their way.

“I don’t have bear tags…”

White didn’t believe his friend at first. Once the bear began it’s approach, however, he immediately pulled out his phone to film the encounter. “I don’t have bear tags or anything so I was not even going to attempt to shoot him,” White adds, as he was “just more amazed by seeing him. I honestly thought I wouldn’t see any deer after encountering a bear but I kept sitting and ended up seeing 3 deer by dark.”

Black bears, while not overly aggressive, are very large predators. They should always be treated with great respect and caution. Their overly-curious nature is usually what gets them – or humans close by – in trouble. If given the opportunity or threatened, bears will hunt, attack, and even eat – human beings.

Thankfully, this encounter ends with nothing more than a great video clip – and a memorable hunting venture for young Toby White.

Watch the black bear encounter below:

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