WATCH: Buck Obliterates Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Lawn Decoration

by Clayton Edwards

In the Christmas classic, the other reindeer picked on Rudolph and called him names. However, in one British Columbia neighborhood, a Rudolph lawn decoration is getting wrecked by local bucks.  

For the last five years, Arlene Chmelyk and her family have been putting out a lawn decoration they call Rudolph the Red-Nosed Whitetail. They added a bright red light to his face to make him more festive, according to CBC News. To us, it looks like a cute improvised Christmas decoration but to deer in the area, it looks like an intruder.

About the Rudolph law decoration, Chmelyk said, “Every year a buck in the area attacks him or hits him and knocks him over and breaks him.” This year, however, they were able to capture an attack on their doorbell camera. In the video below, a young buck gingerly approaches the odd-looking interloper before attacking it.

At first, the young buck isn’t sure what to make of the Rudolph lawn decoration. So, he approaches slowly before bounding away. Then, he approaches again, slowly and from the other side. Just when it looks like the buck is going to run off again, he strikes. The deer slams his antlers into the target’s side and drives it to the ground.

Why Put Up the Rudolph Lawn Decoration?

Turning the 3D target into a Christmas decoration was Arlene’s kids’ idea. Her husband came up with the idea to add the glowing red nose. At least once every year, the family comes home to see that another buck has attached the Rudolph lawn decoration. It’s not a big deal. Archery targets can, apparently, take a beating. They’ve had to put Rudolph back together several times. However, he’s still “standing proud,” according to the homeowner.

Rudolph in the Rut

The Rudolph lawn decoration keeps getting beaten up because he’s on display during the rut. At that time, deer have a one-track mind. All they care about is finding a mate. Often, that means fighting other bucks for territory and mating rights. So, they’re going through life with blinders on until the rut ends.

Additionally, 3D archery targets are realistic-looking. They replicate the size and shape of a deer so that hunters can better hone their skills. However, Arlene Chmelyk believed that the red light bulb in his nose would be enough to make actual deer leave the Rudolph lawn decoration alone. About that, she said, “I’m like, he has a red nose. I’m not really sure what [the bucks] see.”

From the looks of the video above, the bucks see a threat. Maybe they think that the red nose gives Rudolph an advantage with the ladies. On the other hand, they may just ignore the light bulb completely and focus on the ornament’s shape, size, and antlers.