WATCH: California Bear Cub Takes Down Inflatable Reindeer

by Matthew Memrick
(Ingo Gerlach/Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

A bear cub took on a massive inflatable reindeer, and one California woman was there to see who won. Basically, it was us watching a viral video.

Donna Hargett of Monrovia posted her video to Facebook showing the bear getting a few elbow drops on a neighbor’s blow-up reindeer. The bear’s mother watched nearby, and Hargett would not get any closer than 1,000 feet.

“I looked up, and there it was jumping on the reindeer,” Hargett told CBS Los Angeles. “I was laughing to myself out in the street.”

The bear cub tried and tried, but the reindeer stayed inflated in the end. There’s a misconception that bears have lousy eyesight, but they can see well. Did the cub play with the inflatable with mom keeping a lookout? Probably. Zookeeper Lee Huntsman said bears could spot people 200 feet away and do well in low light conditions.

While Hargett said the animal family frequently visited her neighborhood. Monrovia is among several communities outside the San Gabriel Mountains where bears like to visit.

According to a 2013 KPCC story, the mountain region got black bears during a 1933 purge. Eleven Yosemite National Park bears were “deported” from the area for being troublemakers. 

Hargett said the two were “trouble,” and she’s had bears break into her home before. She’s known bears to break into her house through a window. They’ve left scratches on walls and jumped up on beds while leaving paw prints behind. 

Bear Cubs Hit Woman’s Car In Sierra Madre

Sierra Madre resident Jenny Kay said her dogs alerted her about some animal mischief outside her home Friday morning.

But it was too late. Kay told a reporter that she locked the doors and closed the sunroof, but two cubs got inside it. She came out to see her black sedan’s interior ripped up. A driver’s side seat appeared ripped on the side, among other damages.

The momma strolled up before the cubs left, and a police cruiser rolled up on the scene. Another neighbor caught the strange meeting on video.

Bears Go After Local Resident’s Chicken Feast

In early November, another Sierra Madre resident became victim to a few food thieves

Resident John Holden received the shock of his life when he got home for lunch and saw bears eating in his house. They reached into his refrigerator and pulled out a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

“I came home, and my front door was open, and I could just hear the chaos, like my house was being ransacked,” Holden told KTLA.

The man scared the bears out, but they lingered outside the house awhile.

Maybe the crispy, yummy KFC chicken is partially to blame. A quick map check, and there are at least six locations north of or next to Interstate 210 in that region.