WATCH: California Cop Rescues Skunk Whose Head Is Stuck in Tackle Box

by Lauren Boisvert

A skunk needed a little help recently, and to the rescue came the boys in blue. Well, one boy in blue. Well, a man in blue. Sergeant Dominic Ramirez of California’s Clearlake Police Department came to the aid of a little skunk who got its head stuck in a tackle box. The Sergeant assisted the animal in getting its head free; he twisted the tackle box so it could eventually get some good leverage on it. It then proceeded to yank its head out.

The CPD got the whole thing on video, and posted it on Facebook. The department captioned the video, “Last night, Sergeant Ramirez came to the aid of a local skunk in need of some assistance. You see, the critter came across a bait box and based on the investigation, it seems this poof of black and white fur became curious as to what treasure was hidden deep inside. In pursuit of potential good eats, the skunk stuck its head a bit too far and became stuck, dragging the box around and unable to remove its newfound plastic regalia.”

The animal had its tail sticking straight up for the entire procedure. Which, if you know anything about skunks, usually means bad news (but also sometimes they’re just doing handstands). But, it seems like it somehow knew that the Sergeant was only trying to help, and didn’t spray him. The department continued its caption on Facebook. “In accordance with his extensive training (ok, seriously we have no training on dealing with skunks) – Sgt. Ramirez, under the watchful eye of K9 Officer Eagle, carefully assisted the skunk and set it on its way.”

Police Officer Helps Skunk Get Out of a Jam, Skunk Leaves Without So Much As a ‘Thank You’

It seems like the Sergeant had his trusty K9 Officer with him at the time, as well as his partner, who filmed the encounter. “While the skunk did not stick around to offer its gratitude,” the Facebook post continued, “it also did not spray its helper (or videographer). We do not know the name of this skunk, but, don’t panic – a Google search for “skunk names” reveals quite a few suggestions.”

The post concluded with a joke about calling the Sergeant for further information on skunks. “If you have any questions regarding caring for skunks, rescuing them, etc. please contact Sgt. Ramirez,” the department wrote. “Actually, please don’t. Call an expert. But, he has a big heart for animals, so let’s give him a shout out for helping out!”

The comments were full of love for Sergeant Ramirez for helping the skunk, and for the witty tone of the Facebook post. People love a good joke, and they love a happy ending when it comes to animals getting stuck in things.