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WATCH: Canadian Angler Catches Monster Northern Pike in Downtown Toronto

by Amy Myers
(Photo By Dennis Anderson/Star Tribune via Getty Images)

A Toronto angler managed to snag a monster Northern pike while fishing in Lake Ontario, right in front of the CN Tower.

Dustin John Pearl was fishing with his brother-in-law when his good buddy reeled in an impressive catch. The fellow angler pulled in a Northern pike that was longer than his arm. Pearl shared the catch in a quick clip on TikTok, showing off his brother-in-law as he fought with the fish, his reel bowing as the fish resisted. Then the clip cut to the pike resting in their net and a photo of the proud fisherman holding his incredible catch.

At the very end, the group released the Toronto pike back into the water, waiting until the fish got used to the water again before letting go of its tailfin. Even though Pearl wasn’t the one who actually caught the fish, he was just as happy to share his friend’s glorious catch.

Check out the video below.

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TikTok Responds to Massive Toronto Pike Catch

While most people in the comments congratulated the anglers for their pike, others couldn’t believe that they managed to find such a huge fish in Lake Ontario. But according to Pearl, if you’re familiar with the water, you can frequently expect to see these massive pikes regularly. Lake Ontario allows locals to catch pikes through the end of March. After that, they close the lake for the spawning season.

“yea lake Ontario in the right areas has more species of fish then up north all about weather, season’s and knowledge of the fish species,” Pearl said in response to another’s comment.

Meanwhile, other viewers focused more on the cleanliness of Lake Ontario. One person even asked if the fish had a “third eye.”

However, Pearl assured these critics that “Lake Ontario is way healthier then people think.. it’s 1000,% cleaner then 60% of the world that eat and drinks their water…”

He continued, “these pike are at like 15 to 20 years old and put back to spawn only the odd salmon and steelhead from this lake.”

Some others agreed that Lake Ontario has since turned its reputation around, noting that the city incorporated new regulations on the lake more than 40 years ago. But this still didn’t convince some.

“I wanna believe you but you caught it next to a used sprite bottle bro,” one person said.

And it’s true, in the video, you can clearly see an empty Sprite bottle floating next to the fish as they released it back into the water. The only question now is, did they pick it up?