WATCH: Canadian Farmers on Boats and Jet Skis Rescue Cows from Flooding in Incredible Videos

by Jon D. B.

Amidst devastating flooding that has claimed at least one life, British Columbia’s farmers are doing all they can to save their cattle.

Together with Good Samaritans, local farmers are working non-stop to save their livestock. Southern British Columbia continues to see historic flooding and mudslides, leaving swaths of cattle unable to fend for themselves. Caused by a month’s worth of rain hitting the province in less than three days, much of Abbotsford and surrounding towns are underwater.

But as any Outsider knows, farmers never take anything lying down. Theirs is back-breaking work with or without devastating floods. And no farmer has ever let their livestock meet a horrible end while idly standing by. Such is the case across southern BC, and the resulting footage is nothing less than remarkable.

Videos from across the affected area show farmers, citizens, and a few officials leading cattle through neck-deep waters. Jet-skis, small boats, and canoes are in use, as is anything that can help save this precious livestock.

“The farmers are very adapt to dealing with these situations,” says Henry Brain, Mayor of Abbotsford, for Reuters. “But we need to get more help her from our province.

Indeed, where the government fails, citizens will rise to the challenge.

 “When I see calves that are underwater that they rescued and threw in the boat to save them, on the one hand, it breaks my heart, but on the other hand, I’m just so impressed with our farming community,” he offers for Canada’s Globe and Mail separately. “They’ve come together to help each other, and that’s what they’re doing. But we can’t handle this all by ourselves.”

British Columbia’s Flooding Leads to ‘Incredible Grit’ of Farmer Heroics

And it’s not just farmers helping their own cattle. Mayor Brain says farmers and citizens of all walks are coming to the rescue for one another. Right now, the concern is less “who’s cattle is who’s” and “how can we save as many lives as possible?”

To this end, journalist Jesse Winter “Saw incredible grit in Abbotsford today, as farmers and community members rallied to rescue dozens of cattle stranded by #bcflood with boats, dinghies, jet skis, and even a hovercraft. Heard these scenes were playing out across the valley,” Winter says.

Winter’s footage, shot for Reuters, is equally harrowing:

And there is much more work to be done. Much of Southern BC was still recovering from the last two historic, devastating wildfire seasons. But if anyone – Canadian, American, or otherwise – can ever rise to a challenge, it’s our farmers.

Outsider sends our best to those currently battling this natural disaster. For information on how to help, please visit the CBC”s article here.