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WATCH: Colorado Angler Fly Fishes on Ice Floating Down River

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Bryn Colton/Getty Images)

Cade Pierce had hoped to catch some fish on a recent family trip to the Arkansas River. But now he’s caught people’s attention after a video of him fishing from atop a floating piece of ice has gone viral.

Pierce’s wife Amanda filmed him aboard the chunk of ice and uploaded it to Instagram. She captioned the post “That Colorado commute tho,” and “Traffic was light.” The Nelly song “Ride Wit Me” provides the soundtrack.

Cade and his wife often take their three kids out into nature for some “outdoor therapy,” the couple told KDVR in Denver. And Cade is also known for performing stunts like this.

“Anybody that knows Cade knows that he’s like so sure on his feet,” she said. “His coordination is incredible. He’s that guy who makes you made because he does everything perfect the first time.”

He definitely didn’t seem to have any trouble while up there. He was even able to cast his line a few times. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to reel in anything, however.

“Didn’t catch a thing,” he said. But his wife quickly interjected, “Just some good times.”

Though both of them acknowledge stunts like this can be dangerous. Cade said the sheet of ice, which he estimated was five or six inches thick, bounced off several rocks beneath the surface and jostled him. It was tough to keep his balance, he said.

But commenters were impressed by the feat.

“Holy cow this is amazing!!!!,” one person wrote. “This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen…ever!” someone else posted.

“A rare light traffic day in Colorado,” one person joked. “Who knew we just need to get a little creative with our transportation methods,” another person joked.