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WATCH: Colorado Angler Lands a Trout While Stuck in Traffic

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo By Bob Saile/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

One Colorado angler used his time wisely while stuck in an interstate traffic jam last weekend, plucking out a rainbow trout.

Dylan Hayes was stuck in Glenwood Canyon over Interstate 70 over the Colorado River amid bumper-to-bumper traffic. He had some time to kill and did what was natural. Outdoor Life reported on the video.

So, he scrambled for his fishing rod in the back of the truck and dropped his line. Hayes pulled out a healthy-looking rainbow trout to the amazement of many. Wouldn’t you know it?

Over 1,500 people watched the video, with many applauding his excellent use of time.

One commenter said, “That’s a true fisherman. Stuck in traffic and lands a trout. You’re the man.”

Another made a great observation about the video’s end, saying, “Love how he held the fish by his side as he realized traffic was moving and had to hop back into the car lol adorable.”

Another person called the catch “one of the most productive traffic jams in history.”

The canyon is a 12.5-mile river valley in western Colorado that walls climb as high as 1,300 feet in some locations above the river.

Colorado Angler’s Trout The Best Out Of A Bad Situation

In just 40 seconds, Hayes takes us on a ride. After handing off his ultra-light rod to a buddy, the man handlines the trout to the bridge from the mighty river below.

Hayes, all casual in sweets and Crocs, finally grabs the 12-inch rainbow trout just before cars start a-movin.’

On the one hand, you think that’s going to be in Colorado’s next tourism promotional video. You know, a pretty lady looks into the camera and says, ‘Hey, even our traffic jams are great because you can catch trout in them.’

On the other hand, Colorado Highway Patrol’s probably not thrilled. Imagine if one of those dudes slipped and fell over the bridge? There’s so little shoulder room on that bridge. How would you get the ambulance over there? Shoot, we don’t even know how long the traffic was there.

Ok, no more buzzkill from me. Traffic starts going, Hayes and his buds get back to their cars, and the angler can admire his pretty trout all the way home.

I hope the truck’s air freshener can neutralize that fish smell, but then again, maybe it’s all worth it.

Interstate Traffic Jams In Beautiful Country Like Colorado?

Yup. Hayes made the most of his traffic and posted the prized catch to Instagram.

Hayes later shared a video of his catch to Instagram, and he quickly received over a dozen compliments and attaboys. 

The video got to another Instagram account called I-70 Things, a feed that features “all the wild things that happen on I-70” it garnered more than 20,000 views.