WATCH: Colorado Bear Rips Apart Car, Uses Backseat as Bathroom

by Matthew Memrick

One Colorado bear snuck into a car, tore it apart, and recently used the back seat as a bathroom.

The Aspen Police Department posted a video showing how destroyed the car became after the bear had its way with it.

“We have a band of bandits in Aspen who will stop at nothing for a good snack,” the Aspen Police Department posted with the video. “They’ll raid your trees, your homes, and yes – even your car.”

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, there were 484 vehicle break-ins by these mammals between 2019-2020.

According to Out There Colorado, the animal got into the unlocked car pretty quickly.

The bear shredded the car seats and tore the doors to pieces. Then, he left his calling card by pooping in the backseat, according to the cops. That’s probably about all the police can go on. There’s no time or day information with the video.

What is scary is that with more bears going for non-natural food, there may be more human-bear meetings in the future. Down the road, humans may suffer injuries, and officials may have to euthanize more of these animals. 

Bears On Food Hunt

Hungry bears can be in a state of hunger called hyperphagia. This fact means that certain bears need to fill up on 20,000 calories or more a day.

National Park Service officials say these animals will eat non-stop for up to 20 hours a day.

At Yellowstone National Park, some of these majestic animals can pack on the pounds, gaining more than 3 pounds a day before they go into hibernation.

These animals will tear apart trash cans and suck up bird food in addition to breaking into cars during this time, according to Colorado wildlife officials.

Sensitive bear noses are 100 times more powerful than humans, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials say some bears can smell food up to five miles away. These officials say food or scented products like air fresheners, wipes, or perfume can lure bears.

The bear spray market is pretty good these days, and many cans sell from $40 to $60.

Bear Country Trips

Open windows and doors in certain areas are just an invite to calamity. Even leaving candy like Skittles out in view can attract bears of all kinds. 

Fox 31 shared some tips to keep bears from getting into your stuff. They include keeping the bottom floor windows of a house closed when nobody’s home and locking car doors/rolling up windows. 

When camping, keep all food secured and coolers locked. Also, make sure to clean your campground, don’t bring food into a tent, and hang food 100 feet.

Finally, cook your food away from your tent and make sure to wash dishes thoroughly. This all may seem common sense, but it’s the little things that draw bears to cars and campsites.