WATCH: Colorado Bull Moose Makes Sudden Charge at Cameraman in Wild Video

by Megan Molseed

It’s certainly a video that will get your heart racing. A recent viral video depicts a harrowing moment as a Colorado Bull Moose charges at a person from behind a tree. The cameraman was filming what seemed to be a serene scene when the attack occurred.

The thirty-six-second video from Colorado Parks and Wildlife depicts an extremely large bull moose that appears to be snacking on some leaves and grass. The video starts out serene and calm as we watch the beautiful creature snack on some leaves in the forest.

The harrowing video is mostly silent as we see the gigantic creature snacking just behind the tree. The only audible sound is a rushing noise, likely from a nearby stream or river.

The Gigantic Animal Can Charge In Seconds

However, notes the Colorado Parks and Wildlife agency, this frightening video shows just how fast a bull moose can drop what it’s doing once it decides to charge at you. And, as is made clear in the video, the animal’s size doesn’t slow it down.

According to the KDVR website, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife says the footage was recorded in Clear County, Colorado. The person filming had apparently come across the gigantic moose simply by chance during a hike towards a lake.

The only real audio in the frightening video is a gasp that can be heard at the very end when in a split second, the animal appears from around the tree running straight for the cameraman. According to reports, the camera person was able to duck the moose by hiding behind a tree. The moose ended up hitting the tree before moving along.

Since the video’s release, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife has been using the footage to show travelers and hikers how quickly these animals can charge. According to the agency, there has been an increased number of moose encounters throughout the state. The agency says that while these incidents are up, encounters between the bull moose and people are common. The agency notes that the moose rarely cause injures. However, injuries can happen. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife have said that they are aware of only 15 moose encounters that resulted in injuries since 2013.

What To Do When A Moose Charges

According to the Colorado Park and Wildlife website, some tips on staying safe upon encountering a bull moose include avoiding animals that seem to be behaving belligerently or abnormally and keeping pets away. According to the website, moose can get aggressive around pets, especially dogs.

The site also suggests never getting too close to the animal when filming or taking pictures. Additionally, should a moose become aggressive, make sure to move slowly, and avoid looking at the animal directly. Also, should the animal charge, the Colorado Park and Wildlife recommends that people run as fast as possible. The agency also suggests that people put a large object between you and the moose.