WATCH: Colorado Dust Devil Rips Through Chicken Coop, Sends Hens Flying Across Enclosure

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

You could certainly say some feathers were ruffled in the hen house recently as a dust devil event swoops through a backyard chicken coop. A camera caught the dust devil as it blows in – quite literally sweeping through a Colorado Springs chicken coop.

The dust devil has some hens scrambling for safety from the outdoors while it swoops through the area. However, others faced more perilous issues for a split second…as the terrifying event sends s few of the hens flying through the air.

The Atmospheric Conditions Send Feathers Flying As A Dust Devil Tears Through A Colorado Chicken Coop

It seems the atmospheric conditions were just right on March 28 to create a shocking dust devil moment as winds rip through the Colorado chicken coop. Dust devils occur when the ground’s surface is warmer than the area directly above the ground. When this happens, the winds and air can begin spinning. The spinning continues and, when these spinning conditions get intense enough, a dust devil can form.

The whole thing was caught on video by a camera pointed directly into the chicken coop. Initially, the hens seem okay as they hang out in their coop. However, the volume of the footage tells us that a wind is blowing through. The hens begin to collect in one corner of the coop as the sounds of the winds get more and more intense.

At Least the Hens Didn’t Blow ‘Across the Road!’

Then, the big winds hit. It’s hard to see exactly what is happening, as dust is flying everywhere. But we see at least a few of the hens become air-born before things settle down. One dark-colored hen looks to catch the worst of it as the dust devil blows the hen to the other side of the coop. The winds are heavy enough to turn over a large pan sitting in the middle of the coop.

“My poor girls just got thrown around by a dust devil sweeping through my backyard,” writes Jennifer Guidry of the hens in her backyard coop. Guidry notes that despite the scary vortex that brought a moment of terror to the poor hens, the animals appear to be doing just fine. And not one was blown across the road, thankfully!

Dust Devils Are Common Across Areas Of the U.S.

According to the National Weather Service, dust devils happen regularly across areas of the United States. They usually occur in areas with average temperatures that tend to land in higher numbers. Additionally, dust devils are often seen in areas with differing terrains. These different types of ground allow for a higher differentiation of temperatures.

Dust devils are usually fairly small. However, sometimes, formations like this can reach scary wind speeds. Some can get as high as 60 mph.