Watch: Crab Caught on Camera Smoking a Cigarette

by Jennifer Shea

In a new video out of India, a crab makes off with a cigarette and calmly tries to smoke it. Then the crab deftly dodges human attempts to take the cigarette away.

The video, posted by The Sun, shows the crab grabbing the cigarette with two pincers and then inserting it into what appears to be its mouth.

The crab then moves across the sand clutching the cigarette, and takes evasive maneuvers when a human finger approaches it.

According to DNA India, a group of friends who were hanging out at the beach shot the video.

The stunt earned them scolding from some quarters online. Social media users lamented the state of the ecosystem when crabs are smoking cigarettes.

In 2015, Gawker labeled crabs smoking cigarettes “an unfortunate trend.” That was after a photo out of Philadelphia went viral showing a crab trawling North Philadelphia with a cigarette wedged between its claws.

Someone actually started a Tumblr devoted to cigarette-smoking crabs. The Tumblr, “Crabs with cigarettes,” has since been taken offline. But a subreddit replete with photos of crustaceans holding cigarettes and, yes, even joints, has survived. 

Some people posted photos of smoking crabs next to snarky captions, like, “Yeah, I did some stuff in Da Nang,” or “Ah, ze weekend, she is beautiful, no?” One man posted a photo of a crab supposedly helping him light up.

There is little to no data on crabs getting cancer. However, there is limited evidence that crab shell extract can help mitigate some forms of cancer in humans.