WATCH: Crocodile Springs Up from Lake Trying to Catch Drone in Insane Video

by Emily Morgan

Astonishing footage captured the moment a group of crocodiles leaped from the water in an attempt to snatch a drone.

In December, crocodile feeder and tour guide, Johani Mamid, was lucky enough to capture footage at the Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park in Broome, Western Australia. Mamid said he was surprised to see how aggressive the crocs reacted towards the drone. In the footage, viewers can see several crocodiles hiding underneath the water, waiting for their attack. After a few moments, they soar out of the water and snap their jaws shut, barely missing the camera.

“I was pretty confident the crocodiles weren’t going to get the drone but that was a risk I was willing to take,” Mamid recalled. The crocs in the park’s central lake were more than keen to sink their teeth into the drone.

In comparison, the crocodiles in a nearby lake didn’t pay much attention to the camera. “We definitely do fear them because of the level of respect we have for them. They have the strongest bite force out of any animal in the world,” he said. “Their teeth are designed to hold on and never let go.”

The Dangers of Working With Crocodiles

As a routine, park workers walk around the refuge to check the fencing, only armed with a bamboo stick. “Whenever we do that quite often the crocs will come out and try to attack us,” Mamid said. “We go in pairs and whenever a croc comes near us we just whack them over the head with the bamboo. But sometimes the crocs will take the bamboo stick and then you’re surrounded by like 70 crocodiles.”

While a crocodile has yet to bite Mamid, his co-workers aren’t so lucky and the crocodile babies will often try and take a nip. “They’re not going to kill you but they have razor sharp teeth and do a bit of a head shake when they bite you,” Mamid said.

The guides wrap bands around the babies’ mouths, but the babies can be just aggressive as their parents.

Mamid also shares videos of the crocodile to his YouTube channel in the hopes of helping people learn more about the fascinating creatures.