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WATCH: Deer Caught on Camera Having Time of Its Life Splashing in the Mud

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Swen Pförtner/picture alliance via Getty Images

Viral cat videos as the No.1 source of entertainment are a thing of the past. Now, deer run the internet.

The forest creatures are fans of self-entertainment. Just a couple of days ago, a deer was seen making moves on the meadows’ floor. Now, a deer on the other side of the country is enjoying a mud spa.

Watch the video here.

It shows a red stag twirling and diving into a mud wallow. The deer then gets on its back and rolls from side to side.

Then it gets up and shakes its coat like a dog. The red stag has a thicker coat and is noticeably “fluffier” for the winter season. Ecological Consultant Jochen Langbein’s hidden camera in Exmoor National Park in England captured the moment.

“Red deer stags in particular are known to use mud wallows especially during the peak of mating season,” Langbein notes in the video.

For dogs, they roll around on their back and wiggle while kicking their legs for a specific reason. If they have a loose body language, it means they are happy and playful. When they are outside, rolling in grass, dirt, or poop, it is a way of leaving a unique scent on them.

For deer, there is similar reasoning for diving and vibing in the mud. That is the deer is “wallowing.” This means the deer are bathing and rolling in wet mud. It is not exactly clear why red deer do this. Some say it is to control parasites like ticks and lice, while others say it’s to cool down. However, as this video suggests, red stags will wallow on cold days too.

More Accounts of CWD in Deer

Chronic Wasting Disease is continuing to show up in new areas and new states. This is a disease that affects deer, elk, reindeer, and moose. It is fatal to animals.

The newest account is a wild deer from Shawano County testing positive for CWD. Biologists are not surprised, as there are lots of wild whitetails in the area.

However, given the dense population of wildlife in the area, scientists now have reason to be concerned.

The CWD thing. It’s just terrible. This area is huge. And it’s full of deer. It’s one of the best deer hunting in the state, I believe. It’s got some of the nicest bucks,” said Grant Habeck, according to FOX 11 News.

The county is now in surveillance mode to determine if this was an outlier case or if there are more cases of CWD in the area. If more cases are discovered, the area may have to go into management mode where hunting is reduced and regulations go into place.