WATCH: Deer Caught on Trail Cam Freaking Out Over Its Own Shadow

by Jennifer Shea

Ever wondered what a deer does when it sees its own shadow? Well now we know thanks to this wild trail cam video showing the moment when a car’s headlights cast the deer’s shadow on the ground behind it.

Woman Shares Video of Deer from Ranch in Texas

Annette Schroeder shared the video with the Bangor Daily News from a trail cam she had put up at Prospect Creek Ranch in Bolivar, Texas.

As the video opens, the deer is grazing in an open field at night. Then a car approaches and a pair of headlights shine on the deer’s figure, casting a shadow on the ground nearby.

The deer turns around, appears to see its shadow, and promptly flees the scene.

It’s hard to say whether the deer is really fleeing its own shadow or the glare of the headlights, but either way, that is one skittish deer.

More Deer in Wild Trail Cam Videos

Another recent batch of trail cam footage featured a deer evading a coyote on camera.

In the video, shot in Cave Springs, Arkansas, a coyote appears beneath a large tree searching for food. Suddenly, the coyote leaps back and turns to its left. As it does, a deer darts across the bottom-left portion of the frame.

The deer escapes the coyote to live another day. And the coyote goes back to foraging for food.

“Until we utilized this trail camera we had no idea such wildlife visited our yard late at night, especially in such a highly residential area,” Tim Martin, the man who took the video, told the Daily News. “I would recommend using your article and this footage to suggest that others install a trail camera on their property line as well because this really brings nature much closer to home than we ever expected.”

And in yet another trail cam video, a deer performed a handstand on camera.

 In a screengrab from the video, the deer leans onto its front legs and then extends its hind legs into the air, forming an almost perfect vertical line with its body, as two other deer look on.

Trail cam footage has captured deer engaged in all different kinds of antics. But still, that’s one remarkable deer.