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WATCH: Deer Rampage, Crash Through Several Pennsylvania Homes

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Pete Bannan/MediaNews Group/Daily Times via Getty Images)

Not one, or two, but four separate homes in Lawrence Co., Pennsylvania reported break-ins by deer over the weekend.

A combination of security cameras, Ring footage, and eyewitness accounts are leaving Pennsylvania officials baffled. Near Westminster College and New Wilmington, several break-ins by wild deer took place over the weekend. In fact, four separate break-ins have been reported – all within the same area – and all by wild deer.

One eyewitness, six-year-old Annabella Keeney, saw a deer come crashing through the front window of her grandmother’s home. Not knowing what else to do, she ran upstairs as the wild animal ran back outside.

“It put its hooves right here. I [saw] a deer came through the window and it broke all the glass,” Annabella tells WKBN 27.

If that weren’t strange enough, a separate wild deer smashed through a glass door into the home of Jackie Janes just two doors away and only moments prior. The entire incident is caught on her Ring doorbell camera.

“The first door is a storm door that is made of glass, so it shattered that door and then it came through the steel door that was shut, and it came flying in,” Janes clarifies.

WKBN 27 is reporting that all in all, six deer raced through four blocks of the PA area. On their way, they broke through the windows and doors of three homes – denting the garage door of a fourth. It’s all as baffling as it sounds.

Why Will Deer Crash Through Doors and Windows?

So what exactly is going on here? Deer can become startled by the sight of large reflective glass-like windows and doors. Some will lunge at these reflective surfaces, mistaking them for another member of their species. In addition, other deer population have been observed panicking in transition or winter months, and lashing out at nearby homes and businesses. This happens in rural areas, when & where the vegetation they feed on has become scarce.

“When I was out talking to her, our other neighbor was saying that a deer ran through his front door as well,” a neighbor of Janes adds of the intense events. The neighbor says that pieces of antler were left on Janes’ porch from the rampage. Another was left next to their own garage door, which houses several dents from a buck.

“I ran around to the back and saw where the deer hit here. They left like three horns behind,” the neighbor continues.

“I used to live in the country and we saw them all the time, but I have never seen them in town,” Janes adds.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, and all the deer seem to have left with their lives intact, too. The only casualties seem to be the antlers of a wild buck or two.