WATCH: Deer Hunter Attacked by Feisty Grouse in Hilarious Video

by Atlanta Northcutt

A brave grouse can teach all of us a lesson. You can always fight back, regardless of size and strength. Or the grouse can teach us all not to mess with a grumpy large bird. Either way, the story of the attack on a hunter is becoming viral.

Cameron Labarge’s day started off like any other, as he made his way into the woods near his home in Glen Falls, New York. As a hunting enthusiast, Cameron was prepared to enjoy a day of staking out a nice buck to shoot and bring back home as a trophy to display his day of successfully conquering the wild.

Don’t Mess With a Grumpy Grouse

However, plans quickly changed when the wild began to conquer Cameron.

While on the hunt, a grouse started to attack the hunter with full force. The game bird began pecking Labarge’s face and head, seemingly using all of his might to take down the 29-year-old hunter.

“I was deer hunting when the grouse attacked,” he explains.

The Video of the Attack Goes Viral

Luckily, the attack was caught on camera. It has been viewed more than 200,000 views on social media sites.

“I was thinking that ‘wow this is one of the craziest things to ever happen to me in the woods, I need to get this on camera so people believe me,'” says Labarge.

Alfred Hitchcock Predicted This Moment

“I was in my tree stand for about 30 minutes, and I was using my grunt (deer call) when he seemed interested in that sound and came to get a better look at what it was.”

Perhaps, Cameron should’ve put down the grunt as the grouse began making its way over to him. However, who would honestly expect to be attacked by a bird, unless you’ve watched Alfred Hithcock’s 1963 film “The Birds?”

“Every person I show the video to,” says Labarge, “their reaction is priceless when he pecks me in the face. They’re in complete shock of what actually is happening. Also, the shock that it’s a wild animal and how calm I was during the entire video.”

In the video, you can see Cameron flinch from pain as the bird jabs at his cheeks and face, striking dangerously close to his eye.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors, Beware of the Great Grouse

However, the aggressive attack isn’t going to stop Labarge from continuing to hunt.

In fact, the pharmacy technician is encouraging others to take up the outdoor sport. If not interested in picking up hunting, he recommends people to at least go outside and enjoy nature, especially during these difficult times of isolation.

“I would advise people to get out in the woods to experience nature, especially during these times when people have been in extreme isolation,” he advises. “It would be good for people to get out and disconnect.”