WATCH: Deer Jumps Through School Bus Windshield Onto Sleeping Student in Wild Surveillance Video

by Jon D. B.

With a headline like that, the video has to deliver. This one does. Watch the unreal moment this white-tailed deer decides to jump straight through a Virginia school bus’s windshield as it sits at a bus stop.

Remember: this bus is sitting completely still. This Virginia school bus driver did not collide with a deer. Instead, the deer straight on collides with the bus. And it is wild.

Like an absolute rocket, this small doe shoots her way directly through the bus windshield without so much as flinching. The crash is abrasive, loud, and completely unexpected. So much so, in fact, that the student in the front row of the bus continues to sleep until the deer is literally flailing on top of him.

Several expletives later, sleeping beauty rises with a timeless quote:

“I was trying to sleep, dawg!”

Told that deer, didn’t you, unnamed Powhatan County Public Schools student? It’s worth noting, too, that the deer was observed walking away unharmed from the incident. White-tailed deer are, after all, extremely hardy (and hard-headed). Thankfully, no deer nor drivers nor students were hurt in this unbelievable incident. As such, we do not feel badly in the slightest sharing CNN’s reveal with you. It’s certainly a clip unlike most wildlife happenings we see here at Outsider, that’s for sure:

While this is the first we’ve seen of a deer catapulting itself through a still bus windshield, it is far from the first time Outsider has reported on a deer stampeding through glass. Be it a tall window, glass door, or any reflective surface less hard than the skull and hooves of white-tails, the species has a knack for going after glass – and going after it hard.

What Makes a Timid Species Like White-Tailed Deer Crash Through Windows?

So what, exactly, causes an incredible, alarming happenstance like this Virginia bus driver’s unintentional nightmare? In the U.S., deer “attacks” are rare. A bit less rare are bucks who will come into conflict with hunters. Brazen, dangerous events involving a doe like the one above, however, are extremely rare.

For something of this nature to happen, deer can become startled by the sight of large reflective glass. Tall windows and doors are common culprits. Some will lunge at these reflective surfaces, mistaking them for another member of their species. In addition, other deer populations have been observed panicking in transition or winter months. This happens in rural areas, when and where the vegetation they feed on has become scarce or has been scarce for quite some time.

As the U.S. continues to transition from winter into spring, unusual white-tailed deer behavior will be on the uptick. In February, not one, or two, but four separate homes in Lawrence Co., Pennsylvania reported break-ins by deer the weekend of the 13th.

Wildlife Technician Note: If you ever encounter an animal exhibiting odd behavior, never attempt to retrieve or care for it yourself. Contact your local animal care & control division for assistance.