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WATCH: Deer Rampages Through Home, Nearly Takes Out 6-Year-Old Boy in Wild Clip

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Karl-Heinz Bärtl/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Thankfully no one was hurt, but this clip of a rampaging deer is absolutely wild all the same. Posted in 2016 by the startled family, the clip is resurfacing amidst an increase in odd behavior by rural deer.

Knowing no children were hurt in this incident allows for watching it for what it is: an absolutely insane deer encounter. And that’s putting it lightly.

In this remarkable 2016 bit of home security footage, a lone, wild doe slams her way through the lives of this family. Initially, two children are present. The young girl can be seen leaving the living room to play outside. Soon, however, she’s screaming in terror as the animal comes barreling over the porch through all her toys. In a panic, the deer shoots through the open doorway, ramming its entire body into the wall just above the young boy. Remarkably, he’s been oblivious to the entire situation right up until the deer knocks a large panting from the wall, its own body careening over his head.

We will get into the possible explanations behind this bizarre wildlife behavior. But first, this is one clip you’ve got to see for yourself:

Yesterday, crazy deer invited himself into a living room while my 6 year old nephew was watching cartoons.


What Drives a Shy Species Like White-Tailed Deer to Rampage?

In any area of the U.S., deer “attacks” are rare. Less rare are bucks who will come into conflict with hunters. Brazen, dangerous events involving the aggression of a doe like the one above, however, are extremely rare, indeed.

For something of this nature to happen, deer can become startled by the sight of large reflective glass. Tall windows and doors are common culprits. Some will lunge at these reflective surfaces, mistaking them for another member of their species. In addition, other deer population have been observed panicking in transition or winter months. This happens in rural areas, when & where the vegetation they feed on has become scarce.

As horrible winter storms continue to ravage much of America, instances like this are on the rise. Not one, or two, but four separate homes in Lawrence Co., Pennsylvania reported break-ins by deer the weekend of February 13th.

Wildlife Technician Note: If you ever encounter an animals exhibiting odd behavior, never attempt to retrieve or care for it yourself. Contact your local animal care & control division for assistance.