WATCH: Deer Spotted in Boxing Match on Texan’s Home Security Camera

by Shelby Scott

Nature is wild, and one Twitter user proved it when they shared a video of two deer “boxing” on a home security camera. While bucks are known for being a little nasty come mating season, it’s incredibly strange to watch two does fight, especially as they stand on their hind legs and swing their front hooves at each other.

Many of us Outsiders have seen clips before proving that you really shouldn’t mess with deer. However, this has, by far, got to be one of the strangest. Texas homeowner Gay Isber Miller of Lake Somerville said in a Fox News article she had never seen anything like this before. The incident took place during a family gathering at her TX home, Southwest News Service reported. Thanks to her security cameras, we are able to view the unique footage.

While does are not typically aggressive, the start of the video features one deer peacefully eating from one of Miller’s feeders. Once the second deer approaches, food aggression seems to be what ignited the “boxing match.”

“They’re well-fed deer so I don’t know why they feel the need to fight over it,” Miller said. Apparently, Miller had 20 more pounds of corn she could put out. However, the animals only care about the food that is immediately available to them. Miller also said she puts the feeder out so she and her family can watch the deer during gatherings.

Despite the oddity of the event and that she’d only ever seen two bucks fight on their hind legs, Miller still found humor in it. “They look like alien people,” she commented.

Deer Are Not as Innocent as They Seem

While deer fights, male and female apparently, are not uncommon, there remains another, more disturbing fact about white-tailed deer. Following research collected by Forensic Anthropology Research Facility, they discovered that deer will occasionally eat non-vegetational meals, such as bones, eggs, and recently hatched chicks. Most shocking? They’ve also been found to gnaw on human remains.

“Deer eat a lot of unusual things,” said biologist Kip Adams of the National Deer Association. In discussion with Field & Stream, he stated many of these instances arise from a lack of proteins, minerals, and energy. However, he also said that on occasion, it could be an experimental habit.

National Geographic stated deer may go after human flesh in the winter months for salt and calcium due to a lack of vegetation.

Additionally, deer aren’t only protective of their food. They’ve also been found to be protective of other forest creatures and one video proves it. Kris Miller, an operations manager for Nordic Mountain Park in Wisconsin, shared footage of a female deer killing a red hawk to help save a rabbit. Once the rabbit escapes, the deer incessantly mauls the hawk, fighting on video with it for over three minutes.

With so many deer exhibiting such unique behavior lately, we’ve decided to just let Bambi be.