WATCH: Deer Suffers Gruesome Neck Injury But Runs Off Seemingly Unbothered

by Lauren Boisvert

In some wild outdoor news, a deer with a terrible neck injury lives a normal, unbothered life. The Instagram page Nature is Metal posted a video of the animal, confirming that nature is, indeed, metal.

In the video, the focus is first on a normal looking deer, who leaps away into the darkness. Then, suddenly, out of the brush comes one with its neck on sideways. Seriously, it looks like he definitely woke up with a crick in his neck. But, the deer seems totally unbothered. It runs off down the road without so much as a how-de-do. Deer can be strange sometimes; take a look at this deer completely chill with fireworks going off behind him.

This reminds me of a myth, a cryptid phenomenon, of the Not Deer. The Not Deer is a folk myth that comes mostly from the foothills of Virginia and other Appalachian areas. The concept is, there are creatures that closely resemble deer, and live in their herds, but they are decidedly Not Deer. They could have forward facing eyes, elongated mouths, stand on two legs. Or they could have crooked necks. They have no fear of humans, and the others in the herd seemingly don’t realize that something Other is living among them.

In reality, these stories are probably cases of Chronic Wasting Disease, a disease that affects deer, moose, elk, and reindeer. It affects the brain and spinal cord, and the symptoms are weight loss, stumbling and lack of coordination, listlessness, drooling, excessive thirst or urination, drooping ears, and lack of fear of people, according to the CDC.

It’s an interesting concept; but, most likely in this case, this deer probably broke its neck and healed wrong, or was born with a deformation and learned to live with it. Still, the Not Deer is an idea just creepy enough to keep you up at night.

Deer Has Mysterious Growths On Antlers, Internet Debates What They Could Be

In other weird deer news, a wildlife photographer captured an interesting image of a young deer with strange growths on its antlers. The photo also features a bird friend perched on the deer’s head.

Hudson Valley photographer, Owen Cramsie, posted a series of photos on Facebook of the soft-antlered deer, who may have been in the middle of shedding the velvet on its antlers. The photos show a gathering of strange-looking growths on the antlers, extending down to the ears.

Some commenters tried to identify what the growths are, with a few thinking the animal was suffering from a massive tick infestation. The bird could be a clue, they said, as it could be picking the ticks off of the antlers. Others thought the antlers may have warts, but didn’t have much evidence to back that up. They were just sure it wasn’t ticks.

As for the photographer himself, Cramsie wrote in the comments, “I do not think they are ticks, I think some kind of fungus? Some might be here and there but I am not sure.”