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Watch Doctors Pull Snake Out of Woman’s Throat

by Matthew Wilson
Watch Doctors Pull Snake Out of Woman's Throat
Photo: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

In a video that’s not for the faint of heart, a Russian woman had a snake removed from her throat. The snake had slithered into the woman’s mouth while she slept outside, according to the report.

The women went to the hospital feeling unwell, and doctors placed her under a general anesthetic. The woman had the snake wedged in her throat for an unknown period of time.

“Let’s see what this is,” a doctor said in the video. The terrified doctor pulled the reptile from the woman’s mouth. Another doctor grabs the snake, but she recoils in terror upon realizing how long it is.

The serpent measured a hair-raising four feet in length. The doctors placed the snake in a medical bin. Sources didn’t disclose the snake’s species. It is also unknown whether the snake is alive or dead. The Sun and the New York Post could not verify independently the authenticity of the video.

According to the Sun, The Ministry of Health in the Republic of Dagestan is investigating the video. Patimat Abdurashidova, the chief doctor of the Levashinsky district hospital, said she didn’t know such a procedure being performed at the hospital.

The incident isn’t an isolated one, according to locals. Older citizens advice people not to sleep outside because of the risk snakes pose.

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