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Watch: Driverless Boat Crashes Through Florida Docks

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Bettmann Archive/Getty Images)

Video of a driverless boat careening out of control and smashing into a Florida dock has gone viral, the New York Post said.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office said three men were taking part in a photoshoot in the 24-foot boat on Friday when they somehow fell out and into St. Lucie River along Florida’s Atlantic coast. The now driverless boat hurtled out of control.

The three men had to dive under the water to avoid the boat hitting them, the New York Post said.

The boat eventually straightened out and then darted toward several nearby piers. It hit one and went airborne before it collided with a second pier and came to rest on the nearby beach.

A Martin County Sheriff’s Office helicopter captured the dramatic crash on video.


The men were able to swim to a nearby sailboat for help. Only one of the men were injured, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is investigating the cause of the crash.

Social media reacts to driverless boat crash

The video of the boat crash spread across social media quickly. Many were quick to point out the location of the incident.

Some saw something more meta in the incident.

Some people had jokes.

“I see a new Farmer’s Insurance commercial….” one person posted on Facebook.

“Is no one going to question three males on the boat doing a photo shoot…with…who?? Themselves? The sunset? Random girls they pick up??” another person quipped.

But mostly people were perplexed but happy there were no serious injuries.

“That’s like something you’d see go wrong in a stunt on TV. Glad all are okay, except the boat, dock and cement wall,” someone posted on the Facebook video.

“Thankful that nobody was harmed. Just another example that even if you can afford a boat you shouldn’t necessarily own one! Vanity should never outweigh safety!” someone else wrote.

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