WATCH: Drone Footage of Hurricane Ida Shows Destruction of Highway 1, Similar Damage Across 21 Miles of Road

by Anna Dunn

Hurricane Ida left a trail of destruction in its wake. One notable example is the severe destruction the flooding caused to Highway 1. The drone footage shows that the highway is either flooded or has buckled under the flooding.

“The road in-out of Port Fourchon and Grand Isle, LA is completely washed out or buckled in many places. The sheriff tells me that this entire 22 mile stretch of Hwy1 from Golden Meadow to the Port is a patchwork of scenes like this. Levees show the signs of a monster surge,” the person who posted the video wrote in a tweet.

This is far from the only stretch of road that’s been damaged due to Ida. Tragically, two have been killed and ten are injured after a bridge collapsed in Mississippi due to storm damage.

The grade of the road as well as bad weather conditions spelled tragedy for drivers, who likely didn’t notice the bridge collapse until it was too late.

Death Toll From the Hurricane is Expected to Rise

Ida brought winds over 150 miles per hour and intense rainfall which totaled more than a foot in certain areas. It knocked out power to the entire city of New Orleans and beyond.

There have been multiple deaths associated with Hurricane Ida. One man passed away after being hit by a falling tree. Another driver was killed when trying to drive through floodwater. And in a freak accident, another man was killed by an alligator after swimming in floodwater near his home.

The Washington Post reported that Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards said that over 600 people had been rescued already. Tragically, the rescue effort is just at the start, and the number of deaths is likely to grow.

“Knowing so many people stayed behind, we expect there will be more people found who have passed,” Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser told The TODAY Show. “Too many people ride these storms out and take their lives in their own hands.

Hurricane Ida’s Path of Destruction Isn’t Over

Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana as a category 4 storm. The hurricane pummelled the state before eventually downgrading to a tropical storm as it headed north. But the danger from hurricane Ida continues as it brings flash flood warnings to over 80 million people across the United States. People from Mississippi all the way up to New York may be impacted by the warnings.

This is particularly dangerous for Tennessee, which has already been hit hard by flooding this year. On top of floods, Tornado warnings have also been put into effect following the Hurricane as the system heads north. Ida has also managed to Impact disaster relief all the way in California, with Louisiana firefighters forced to return to their home state after helping fight raging fires in the west.