WATCH: Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson Reveals Secret Duck Hole

by Matthew Wilson

If you’re among the Duck Dynasty, sometimes you have to improvise. Amid a duck hunting drought, Jase Robertson decided to take viewers to the duck mother-load.

He revealed a secret hole populated by ducks that the Robertson has kept secret for years. Now, they’re ready to introduce viewers to their secret hunting spot. And let’s just say that duck is back on the menu for Robertson and his family.

“There’s no wind,” Robertson said. “All the ducks left the day before the season started. There’s one little place. This is the secret hole. You’ve never seen this filmed. This is what we called, ‘The Secret Hole.’ We kept it secret for years. Now we’re revealing it here today.”

Robertson and the others spent the night preparing for the coming hunt. They cut down limbs and also brush to create a covering they could hide in come morning. Once daylight came, the ducks were out in droves. What was surely paradise for the hunters soon turned into a massacre for the ducks as birds and birdshot filled the air.

Additionally, the Robertsons showed viewers how to clean and cook up the ducks afterwards. The results were mouthwatering morsels on the grill.

Jase Robertson Reveals His Duck Huntin Advice

Jase Robertson also recently revealed that a successful hunt isn’t just hunting. But it’s the setup that’s most important. To ensure that he always gets his duck, Robertson uses what he calls a cane trick.

“Cane is … most of them are 20 feet tall. Think bamboo. They’re always green. No matter what, unless they die; then they’re brown,” Robertson previously said. “They make really good brush and they’re easily transported because you can bundle ’em up. I mean I’ve had enough, to make I don’t know, to make a 50-foot circle. And, if you bundle them up, you can just throw them in the back of your truck; they’re pretty light.”

With the cane, Robertson creates an island around the ducks. It’s proved to be successful for Jase and the other Robertsons in the past. The Duck Dynasty clan has all sorts of hunting tricks up their sleeves.