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WATCH: Elk Rescued from Swimming Pool by Wildlife Officers and Firefighters

by Jon D. B.
(Photo By Glenn Asakawa/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Watch as Colorado Parks and Wildlife‘s NE division successfully rescue an enormous cow elk from a Loveland resident’s swimming pool.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) divisions are no strangers to posting daring rescues. Together with local law enforcement, rescue teams, and firefighters, CPW is often tasked with aiding Colorado’s bountiful wildlife. Their latest effort comes in service to an enormous cow elk trapped in a residential swimming pool.

CPW wildlife officers received a call concerning the elk, and together with the Loveland Fire Rescue Authority, moved into action. Using straps to gently nudge the cow out of frigid water, the rescue took the full strength of multiple men. An unsurprising detail, as wildlife officers estimate she weighs a solid 500 pounds.

The Sunday evening rescue took place west of Loveland, CPW reports. Footage of the incident shows the elk after she somehow wandered into a tarped pool off local Bitterbush Way. Exhausted from the ordeal, the cow elk stays put, soaking wet in winter weather as she keeps herself above water.

After several hesitant slips in the sloshing pool, the cow elk becomes more receptive to her rescue. Minutes in, she is able to clear the water with the aid of her rescuers.

Once in the care of CPW, the elk was able to rest in a “warming period.”

After regaining her strength, the uninjured cow walked off on her own where she rejoined her herd.

Thankfully, CPW officials expect her to fully recover.

Watch Daring Rescue of 500 lb Elk in Frigid Pool

“To get the elk out of this pool in Loveland, they got straps around her and then the wildlife officers and @LovelandFRA firefighters pulled it out,” CPW NE Region says of the elk rescue on Twitter. “It took a few attempts to get her out. Wildlife officers estimated she weighed 500 pounds.”

CPW Know Elk Better Than Most

The various official Twitter accounts of CPW divisions often host incredible wildlife content. It is, after all, the nature of their fascinating work. Recently, another series of CPW footage highlighted a wild elk herd the likes of which is rarely captured on film.

For many Outsiders, elk are some of nature’s most revered and beloved creatures. Their size, strength, and beauty have captivated mankind for millennia; their likeness carved into everything from our first artworks on cave walls to prestigious family crests – and their namesakes congruently branding humanity’s most sacred places. And for good reason.

Offering up further proof of their majesty is this set of helicopter footage from the wildlife officials at Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Southeast Region. The clips, which hit social media early Monday morning, showcase a truly massive elk herd sprinting their way through the wilds outside Denver.

As part of their State Parks southeast region annual big game survey, the series of five videos marks an incredible display of wildlife in snowy Salida. Flying high above the herd, park biologists use these helicopter surveys to find, track, and report big game animals. If this doesn’t sound impressive enough, these officials must also count the animals within the herds and identify both their sex and health standards simultaneously. Sounds like a job for some incredible folks, right? Right.

For more on this amazing footage, and to view all five sets, continue on to our Intense Footage of ‘Massive’ Elk Herd Released by Colorado Wildlife Officials next.

[Source: The Denver Post]