WATCH: Emotional Video Documents 10-Hour Rescue of Deaf Dog From Storm Drain

by Michael Freeman

After an arduous 10-hour rescue effort on Saturday, a Texas family’s deaf dog was finally returned to them. The 15-year-old dog, Zoey, was stuck in a mud-clogged storm pipe and had help from the entire neighborhood rescuing her.

When Zoey’s location was discovered, dozens of workers arrived to help break apart the street and reach her underneath. It turns out Zoey was lost in a storm drain under several feet of dirt and concrete. In total, paramedics, police, the Arlington Fire Department, and others from the community worked through the night for Zoey’s sake.

Though the entire rescue effort spans 10 hours, the AFD released a condensed version of the rescue on Facebook yesterday.

Andrea Tankersley, Zoey’s owner, recalls how the incident began. “People were hearing animal sounds — but they were hearing them all over the neighborhood.”

Brennan Tankersley, Andrea’s husband, added his own comments, noting it was especially difficult because Zoey is deaf. “So we’re calling out to her, calling out to her, of course knowing it’s not any good but you can’t help it.”

According to Zoey’s owners, the whole neighborhood wanted to help. This included a kindergartner named Hunter, who offered his skateboard when a firefighter suggested it might have been useful in getting Zoey out.

“He was just so enthusiastic about helping us. It was just so heartwarming,” reports officer Kristi Weil, who helped with the rescue effort.

The local water department snaked a camera through to the storm drain to keep an eye on Zoey during the endeavor.

Miraculously, Zoey returned relatively unharmed to the Tankersleys.

“Everyone has been so helpful,” officer Weil noted. “There have been cheers of joy, and tears, when Zoey was rescued. And I love seeing the community turn out and cheer a successful end to this.”

Ronda Rousey Shares Warm Tribute In Honor Of Her Late Dog, Mochi

Sadly, not every dog story this week has a happy ending. Recently losing her dog, Mochi, Ronda Rousey shared a video on Instagram honoring her friend.

“Before I could afford to rent a place with a yard, Mochi would come with me to my training sessions all over LA,” Rousey writes.

“I felt bad cause we’d basically just sit in traffic together then she’d have to hang out and wait for me to finish before going right back home -nonetheless she was always excited to get in the car to come with me.”

To further honor Mochi, Rousey started a weekly ritual dubbed #MochiMonday. Almost every Monday for the past two months, Rousey has posted a video or photo of Mochi on her Instagram.

Concluding by saying Mochi was the “best road dog ever,” Rousey proudly declared she was also the unofficial mascot for every gym they frequented.