WATCH: Enormous Gator Steals Downed Ducks From Florida Duck Hunters

by Victoria Santiago

Two duck hunters, Kevin Stipe and Cass Couey, were competing for their catches in Leesburg, FL, with a giant gator. The monstrous reptile managed to get ahold of their hunting prizes before the duo could even get near them. The toothy culprit was sizeable: he was almost 13 feet long.

Gator Caught On Camera Eating Duck Hunters’ Catch

Luckily, this whole thing was captured on video. The video doesn’t get too close to the gator, but we’re close enough to see him thoroughly enjoying the duck hunters’ catch.

The gator crept up slowly behind one of the hunters’ downed ducks. He didn’t make a scene when he got to the duck. Instead, he just casually opened his mouth and ate it. Maybe this happens often and the animal is just used to eating whatever hunters kill in the water.

If that’s the case, then this is one smart gator. After the gator eats the duck, we hear the cameraman shoo him away. “Alright, you’re fed. Now get outta here,” the cameraman says.

The gator looks perfectly intent to just stay right there and wait for his next ready-to-eat meal. We doubt he’s going anywhere, unless it’s to another downed bird.

Florida Gator Goes Up Against Remote-Controlled Boat

Seems like Florida gators love being a nuisance to those that are out on the water. In fact, one gator went so far as to try to eat someone’s remote-controlled boat.

A man in the sunshine state was playing with a remote control boat in some floodwater. The 5-foot gator had apparently made its way into the floodwater, too. The animal tried to eat the boat and even took it underwater.

Imagine getting ready for a drag racing event (aptly named Gatornationals) and a gator decides to try and eat the toy boat that you’ve bought in the meantime. That has to be a sign. Alex Laughlin, the owner of the toy boat, said that the gator even looked him dead in the eye before taking the toy boat under.

Then, almost 10 seconds later, the boat pops back up in the water. The gator was just toying with him, apparently. The remote control boat was still working just fine in the water. And Laughlin was smart enough to not give the gator another try. He made the boat come back to the “shore” of the floodwater and that was that.

Ultimately, Laughlin lost in the first elimination round of Gatornationals. He might take up other hobbies, but we don’t think toy boat racing will be one of them.