WATCH: Enormous Python Removed from Car’s Engine During Routine Maintenance

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by: Philippe Clement/Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Now, animals get into places they aren’t supposed to all of the time. Especially under the hood like this python on a car engine. One Malaysian man was not too happy to see what waited under the hood of his vehicle. During a routine inspection, just a maintenance tuneup, the animal was found coiled up in the car.

If you grew up like I did, then junky and beat-up cars in the driveway aren’t anything strange. As an apprentice shade tree mechanic growing up, I’ve seen animals get into crevices and in the engine block of cars. Usually a rodent of some kind. I think all the rodents that would have been in this car are definitely not there anymore after this snake made it their home.

Field & Stream covered the incident after a user posted a picture and some videos on Twitter.

The thing is, that car isn’t junky or beat up at all, is it? The Mercedes looks like it is in great condition. However, the snake found its way into the vehicle, at least on the engine, after more than likely seeking warmth. Those cold-blooded animals love their warmth.

This thing didn’t want to be moved either. Apparently, the snake is a fan of German engineering and figured that was its new home. Of course, it isn’t in a mechanics’ job description to handle giant pythons on car engines, so, the Civil Defense Department got involved.

“The long snake simply refused to budge like a child refusing to get out of bed for school,” a local paper noted.

So, what did they do? Well, the car was lifted onto hydraulics. From there, they were able to get the snake no matter where it slithered. They should have got Troy Landry on the job

Python Takes Residence on Car Engine and Refuses to Come Out for an Hour

You just hate to go into the shop thinking all that you need is an oil change, maybe some filters swapped out, the basics. Then, before you know it, the guy is telling you that you’ve got this and that and this wrong with it and it is a must that the guy fix it. Or, you know, when they tell you a 10-foot reptile is sleeping in your car.

While this is a pretty funny story, the folks that had to free that bad boy weren’t laughing during it. They pulled and poked and did all that they could to get this thing free. It took an hour, but the Civil Defense Department did what they came to do and that was a relief for the owner and the workers at the shop, I’m sure.

Apparently, the snake and the rescuers were all unharmed and were able to deal with one another peacefully. The python was released from the car engine home and set back out into the wild.

Reports say the snake is looking for a new home. Perhaps he can go somewhere he can find a BMW or perhaps an Audi. Perhaps a Porsche. Only joking, of course. Now, pardon me, I need to go check under the hood of my car… just in case.