WATCH: Fearless Yorkie Goes Nuts Chasing Black Bear Up a Tree in Hysterical Video

by Jon D. B.

This black bear isn’t taking any chances with a tiny, ferocious Yorkie in Minnesota, immediately taking to the trees to try and escape!

If one thing has become apparent for us Outsiders, it’s that black bear sightings are absolutely on the rise for rural and urban Americans. The combination of more people venturing outdoors due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the loss of habitat & food for the species means these curious bears are frequently crossing paths with us humans.

Such was the case on June 8 in Hibbing, Minnesota, as this black bear sought food in a family’s back yard. The ursine didn’t expect a guardian to be on the lookout, however, and the resulting footage is priceless.

“I have set up this camera overlooking our bird feeders to capture the occasional wildlife that comes especially at night,” the homeowner tells DailyMotion of her video. “I take the feeders in for the night but there are always some remnants on the ground.”

Black bears, voracious omnivores, are big fans of bird seed mix. They can smell it from over a mile away, and individuals living near populated areas know it makes for an easy meal.

There’s just one thing that stood in this bear’s way: Bella the Yorkie.

‘Bella the Yorkie Ain’t Afraid of No Black Bears!’

“Our Yorkie, Bella, was let out for the first time of the day and went berserk. I quickly discovered that she had chased a young bear up a tree,” the fearless dog’s owner continues. “Off-camera, I was calling and trying to coax her away from the situation.”

Thankfully, the owner says that Bella “eventually came my way a bit and the bear took the opportunity to flee.”

We say thankfully, because cornering a black bear can sometimes end far more violently. In this case, though, the only fallout is this hysterical encounter. Watch for yourself below as Bella gives chase to the big black bear, the beast immediately taking to the trees in order to escape the tiny barking machine:

Just a few days ago, Georgia teacher Mary Jane Yarbrough had an insane black bear encounter of her own, too. An art teacher, she came to Gatlinburg, Tennessee to take a week-long class in order to feel better prepared for her students come fall.

Sounds like a lovely week in the Smokies, right? It was, until she woke up the morning of June 2nd to the sound of a car horn blaring repeatedly – only to find a black bear inside her vehicle.

After a once-in-a-lifetime viewing her friends, students, and family would never believe had she not filmed it, Yarbrough called the police to remove the bear from her Camry.

“He ripped the dash, my airbag, the radio is out, he went through my glove box…” she details.

In short: She and the bear are completely fine. But her Camry is not.

Yarbrough, however, now has one incredible black bear story to tell for the rest of her life.