WATCH: ‘Firenado’ Rips Through Northern California During Wildfires

by Halle Ames

Watch this terrifying video of a “firenado” as it ripped through a town in Northern California during the current wildfires. 

Two things that should never combine are fire and a tornado, yet this town in Northern California saw their worst fear become a reality as it swept through the area. The National Weather Service uploaded a video of the dramatic scene as the West Coast is undergoing another dangerous heatwave. The wave could break a nearly 90-year-old record for temperatures. 

The nightmarish clip shows the deadly combination take form near some construction equipment in Mount Shasta. 

“FIRENADO: The National Weather Service shared a terrifying video on Wednesday of a fire tornado forming over a Northern California wildfire near Mount Shasta.”

Tennant Fire & Firenado

The firenado is part of the larger Tennant Fire that is ravaging Siskiyou County. The county is along the California and Oregon border. According to an article from KDRV, the Tennant Fire has scorched more than 10,500 acres since its start on June 28 but now shows minimal activity. Firefighters have the blaze over 91 percent contained. The cause of the first is under investigation and is still unknown at this time. 

The National Weather Service notes that this particular firenado was so intense that the “weather phenomenon’s rotation was detected by radar.” Officials refer to the fiery tornado as a “spinning vortex column of ascending hot air and gases rising from a fire and carrying aloft smoke, debris, and flame.”

Sounds straight out of a dystopian horror film. 

The Beckwourth Complex Wildfire

Although the Tennant Fire is dying down, another blaze is traveling across California’s state lines and into Nevada. The Beckwourth Complex Fire is being aided by the intolerable heatwave that will send areas of the western US into temperatures nearing or exceeding 117 degrees. 

The excessive heat warning is in place for much of California until Monday. Sacramento Valley will see record-breaking 115-degree temperatures this weekend. Death Valley will hit 123 degrees. Earlier this week, Death Valley recorded temperatures of 130 degrees, which is the highest temperature experienced on Earth in 90 years. 

Furthermore, Lisa Cox, a fire information officer, spoke to the Associated Press on Friday evening about the Beckwourth Complex Fire. The disaster is located 45 miles north of Lake Tahoe. She says the wildfire sparked from two lightning strikes in Plumas National Forest on June 30. The blaze is exhibiting “extreme behavior” and is currently the largest in California. 

SFGate reports that the Beckwourth Complex Fire has doubled in size between Friday and Saturday to roughly 61,250 acres. Firefighters have only contained nine percent of the wildfire. 

Thankfully, there are no reports yet of fatalities, serious injury, or construction damage.