WATCH: Fisherman Uses Live Shark’s Teeth on Beach to Crack Open His Beer Can

by Jon D. B.

This Florida fisherman decided it would be cool to crack open a Busch Light Apple on a suffocating shark‘s teeth. Don’t be like this guy. Or his friends.

Oh, where to begin. You feel it coming whenever “Florida Man” shows in headlines. But sometimes… Sometimes what follows is still genuinely surprising. This is absolutely one of those times.

In this latest example of “fishermen makes other fishermen look real bad,” a group of TikTokers using the name OutdoorChaos went fishing on the coast and caught a shark. The shark is believed to be a sand tiger shark, which we’ll come back to in a bit as it’s an important fact.

The “anglers” responsible? Wyatt Dallison and Cody Scott. Dallison operates the OutdoorChaos TikTok for 58,000 followers. There, Dallison posted footage of him and friends pinning the shark down onto the sand before slamming a Busch Light Apple onto its teeth. Then, Scott drinks said fruity drink, fist-bumping his friends as the shark continues to gasp for oxygen. Yes, really.

I have so many questions. Firstly, a Busch Light Apple? Really, fellas? Assuming the goal here was to feel super hardcore… Not a great start. Secondly, a not-so-hot take: Abusing incapacitated wildlife isn’t hardcore. Or cool. Or really anything at all – other than incredibly disturbing to watch – let alone do.

And oh, does the internet agree. After posting their TikTok clip to YouTube and citing how they “hope it blows up,” the world wide web is coming hard for OutdoorChaos. Careful what you wish for, huh?

Is That a Sand Tiger Shark? Grown Men’s ‘Bit of Fun’ with Incapacitated Shark Could Be Illegal

After all is said and done, Cody Scott and Wyatt Dallison’s defense is… About what you’d expect.

“It was just a bit of fun,” Daily Mail US reports Dallison saying. “We were trying to keep it in the wash so it still gets water in its gills, but people are allowed to think what they want.”

Aside from the moral implications of doing, filming, then proudly sharing such an act – Florida law says it is also illegal.

If the incapacitated shark was, in fact, a sand tiger shark, the species is protected by the state. Protected shark species, like sand tigers, cannot be removed from the water. Florida law states their gills must remain submerged. This, of course, is the opposite of pinning one to the beach in order to use its teeth as a can opener.

“Absolutely no sharks were harmed in that video,” Scott responds to critics. But in the time since, a Florida Game Warden has officially warned him over the footage. In addition, the US’s National Marine Fisheries confirms it is, in fact, illegal to remove this protected shark species from the water.

In short, a positive ID means fines and possible jail time for these proud creators of OutdoorChaos. Winning.

“Yes it is illegal to take a shark out of the water. I got a warning from the game warden after the video was taken for it,” Scott continues.

Dallison offers that they were “not trying to hurt any fish, but I can understand how people can see this as disrespectful.”

Oh, good. And remember, folks, being an Outsider is about respecting not only the great outdoors – but yourself, as well.