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WATCH: Flock Of Florida Turkey Hens Scare Away Lurking Coyote

by Brett Stayton
Florida Turkey Flock
Photo by Smithlandia Media/Getty Images

If you remember the name Lake Pickle it’s because that’s one of the most amazingly astounding country names that I’ve ever heard. I’m pretty sure Alan Jackson’s song Chattahoochee is all about trying to slip some girl the Ole River Pickle if ya know what I’m saying? Meanwhile, this man is basically named Chattahoochee.

Lake Pickle Captures Flock Of Turkey Hens Scaring Away A Coyote

Like any wild animal, turkey hens are particularly protective of their offspring. Wild turkey hens are often willing to put their own safety and well-being on the line in order to protect their nests and their poults. With the breeding window now open for wild turkeys down in Florida, the hunting season is in full swing. It looks like the maternal instinct of the turkey hens down there is also in full effect. Lake Pickle is down there hunting and making content for OnX Hunt. He was able to record an astonishing video. It shows a coyote pulling up in the distance to size up a flock of wild turkeys. In the heat of the moment, a handful of turkey hens flock together. They start running down the coyote-like they’re looking for a fight. The coyote takes off before getting spurred.

Lake Pickle On Episode 2 Of The Pawn Shop Shotgun

He’s an experienced turkey hunter who has had several successful turkey hunts featured on television. In Episode 2 of the Pawn Shop Shotgun, Jay Siske and Lake Pickle hit the woods in Mississippi in search of a gobbler to dirt nap. They were unable to locate a bird off the roost at first light. So then they hit the woods running and turned up some birds. Though they connected on a calling cadence, they were unable to bring the turkeys into range. They then pop a squat on a log to discuss wild turkey conservation. They also talk about how sometimes being unsuccessful on a hunt is all part of it.

More About Using OnX Hunt App To Scout For Birds

On X Hunt is one of the most high-tech brands in the outdoor industry. It’s a comprehensive and amazingly detailed mapping program that helps hunters explore public land and scout and manage private lands with high-tech geodata. It’s the #1 hunting app in the world and an important and fun interactive tool that is helping modernize how hunters explore the woods. In this video, Lake Pickle details how you can use the app to locate crop stands and open fields in your hunting area. Focusing on areas like that where turkeys feed will help increase your chances of getting a gobbler.

Anyways, Lake Pickle is an outdoor industry media personality who currently works for OnX Hunt. He was recently featured in an episode of The Pawn Shop Shotgun series as well. Those videos are presented by Out Here Co. and the National Wild Turkey Federation. Prior to joining the OnX Hunt team, Lake Pickle was with Primos Hunting, one of the premier manufacturers of turkey and other wild game calls in the country.

On X Hunt Helping Revolutionize Wild Turkey Conservation 

The high-tech mapping and land management features from On X Hunt aren’t just being utilized by hunters though, they’re also being utilized by scientists to help modernize how wildlife professionals manage and conserve species. Partnering with Turkeys for Tomorrow. to investigate why turkey populations are on the decline throughout much of the United States. The research project is being led by Dr. Mike Chamberlain, the world’s most established scientific authority on wild turkey conservation and management.